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9 Tarot Cards for Positivity into Your Life

Updated: Apr 6


What are you looking for? Peace, Solace? Read on here to understand more about tarot cards for positivity in your life.

Who likes negativity or negative energies around them? We all wish for positive actions, positive atmosphere and positive vibes through our everyday life.

Yet, a purely positive world is a utopia. Challenges are unavoidable, as they are our means to spiritual growth and soul connection. We need to surmount obstacles and challenges to grow in life.

If you are feeling abject in your life and are looking for positive signs or hoping for positive outcomes, tarot card reading can be that much needed friend for you. For some, tarot has also helped in spiritual healing.

Beyond mere fortune-telling, tarot cards can be used as a tool for understanding positive elements around us and seeking guidance for actions to be performed to bring in that much needed positivity in life.

Let us explore nine Tarot cards that indicate positivity walking into your life. These cards can offer insights and inspiration to help you navigate the twists and turns of life. You can also look into these book recommendations if you are interested in delving deep into the possibilities of tarot.

1.   The Sun:

This is the most positive card in the tarot deck and hence, is first on our list. The Sun, as we commonly understand, is all about a new day, optimism and enlightenment.

This card is symbolic of childlike fresh energy, a lot of happiness and well-being in your life. The Sun card comes after the Moon in the tarot deck. The Moon can reflect being low, anxious or nervous about something. It can mean secrets or not knowing what one needs to know.

Moving from the Moon to the Sun in the tarot deck, we can come out of these emotions into a more positive frame of mind. Also there is more clarity and therefore, better ability to make decisions to move ahead.

2.   The Star:

Similar to the Sun card, the Star follows a dark period from the Tower card.

One of the scariest cards in the tarot deck, the Tower is about everything coming crashing down. Unexpected and uncomfortable changes that have the potential to shake you up. From this colossal low, walking into the Star card, one feels a sense of healing.

Star symbolizes hope and inspiration. It tells you to look ahead with optimism and that the universe has your back. 

If you are open to healing, all you need to do is trust that the universe has your well-being in mind.

There is renewal and a sense of spiritual connection. Trust that better days are on the horizon.

Can you feel the abundance when you see the Empress card? There is a natural bounty all around. Yes that is what you can expect when you get this card in a reading.

The Empress is all about abundance and fertile ground. What you sow today will harvest well tomorrow.

Be soft, compassionate and patient and good things will follow.

Life is like a garden, life requires care and attention to thrive. Pay attention to your health and wellbeing and practice care for yourself and for others around you.

We already know that nothing is constant in life. There is an ever turning wheel of life and we keep turning with that wheel. Why? Because that is the law of life. It is inevitable.

There are endings and beginnings, hopes and challenges, ups and downs, ebbs and flows. And we just keep navigating them all gracefully, learning and evolving along the way.

That’s exactly what the Wheel of Fortune card signifies. Good times will come, cycle is changing, a new phase is emerging, and we just need to go with the flow with life with optimism.

5.   Strength:

You might mistake this card for its literal meaning. But look deeper into the card imagery.

What do you see? A lady taming a lion. How is that even possible, correct? Metaphorically, the lion is our mind and emotions. The lady suggests that everything cannot be won with physical strength.

There are situations that can be easily surmounted with mental strength and acumen and the power of persuasion.

There is victory to be taken by just inculcating this lesson of building up inner resilience and courage, and facing challenges with a calm and steady demeanor. Tap into your inner power, and approach situations with a compassionate heart.

This is one of the most positive cards in the tarot deck for love and relationships.  In a love tarot reading, it stands for deep love and passion. There could be new beginnings on matters that bring in that much sought after emotional fulfillment.

The Ace of Cups tells us listen to our heart. There is no point rationalizing situations all the time. Sometimes, we should allow our instincts to guide us and decide from our heart than our mind.

There are new beginnings in passionate pursuits and one needs to accept love, compassion, and the joy that comes from nurturing meaningful relationships.

The Hierophant is again a very positive card for those seeking to move ahead in love and relationships. Symbolizing traditions and conventions, this card can indicate marriage for those looking to take the next step in their lives.

The Hierophant can be considered similar to a religious guru. Someone who guides us ahead on the foundations of age old values and ethics arising out of our conventional value systems. When this card appears, it can indicate taking advantage of the wisdom from trusted and more experienced sources and mentors.

It indicates that positive and valuable insights are available to us and a with traditional and conventional approach, we can take actions that will resonate with our soul.

The Magician is a very powerful card in the tarot deck.

As the word suggests, the Magician is a person capable of performing magic. What does that mean to you? Literally, it just indicates that you are the magician of your life right now and have the power to manifest your deepest desires and wishes.

As a Magician, you have every tool at your disposal that you may need to that bring in positive changes into your life.

How powerful does it feel to know that no one except you can manifest positivity in your life?

And lastly, the Ten of Pentacles!

The ultimate card of wealth, prosperity, and the fulfillment of material and familial goals.

It represents a cross-generational interaction indicating very strong family bonding. This card encourages us to appreciate the abundance that surrounds us.

When the Ten of Pentacles appears in a reading, it suggests a period of solid stability and fulfillment in both material and emotional aspects of life and fulfillment of long-term goals.

So, are you ready to check for your Tarot Cards for positivity?

Tarot cards are such a powerful tool to understand and bring in a positive change in one’s life.

They can offer guidance, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The nine cards discussed in this article each carry their unique positive energies. There are many other cards as well that can indicate positivity for different situations in life.

Remember, Tarot readings are a form of self-reflection and should be approached with an open mind. Take in the wisdom they offer, and may your path be filled with the positive energies they bring.


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