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Death – Tarot (#13)

Updated: Feb 19

Death card is probably the scariest card in the Tarot Deck. This card paints a morbid picture with a skeletal figure riding a horse and people dead or pleading around him. But is this card really as bad as it seems? Let’s see.

Death Tarot

Death Tarot Meaning - General

With birth comes death, and with death, birth. This is a natural cycle. And by that logic, death symbolizes the beginning of something new.

Remember, that this card is very rarely about death in the literal sense. But rather about a big change coming in your life – a change that can be transformative. Generally, the transformation being spoken of in this card can be painful, uncomfortable, and sudden.

But you cannot avert death. It is bound to happen. So, the best approach is to embrace change gracefully rather than resisting it. Closing of one door opens another.

This card could also be a message for elimination, such as of old habits, attitude, beliefs, or approach in order to open doors for positive changes to come into your life.  

Change is inevitable, no matter how much you try avoiding it. The better thing is to face it, accept it and acknowledge that change can bring in a new lease of life and steer you ahead in a positive direction.

Let us look at Death in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Death - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Death card in love can, literally, signify end of a relationship viz. divorce, separation or one partner walking away.  But more subtly it can indicate that there is a significant transformation or change within the relationship, or that you are holding on to a relationship that is no longer working.

This card can suggest big changes in your life that require uncomfortable adjustments to be made, such as marriage, childbirth, etc. Or it could suggest big changes that are needed in your patterns and habits to pave the way for a deeper connection.

Death suggests letting go of the past to embrace changes in the relationship.

Love Reading for Singles

For singles, Death in tarot could suggest a period of personal growth, self-discovery and transformation.

You might need to make major changes to your old dating habits to find true and meaningful love. Embrace change and be open to new possibilities.

Death - Career & Finance

Death card in career signifies major changes in your professional life. This could be intimidating, but remember that there will be positive outcomes, although not visible currently. Embrace the change and move forward.

Death suggests being adaptable to steer your career ahead towards future growth.

Financially, death indicates major changes in your financial position or circumstances. This could be positive or negative, look for supporting cards. If you have been having certain challenges, this card paves the way for improved financial stability.

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