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Five of Cups

Updated: Feb 19

Cups in general is a very positive suit in the Tarot Deck. But where there is emotional bliss, there also has to be emotional grief. Let us look at this in the Five of Cups.

Five of Cups Tarot

Five of Cups Meaning - General

In Five of Cups, you can see a man sulking. He stands with his back to you, but you can see him looking down at three fallen cups. There is blood around the fallen cups as well.

In a literal sense, Five of Cups could mean bereavement and the emotional grief that comes with it. Such events have the tendency to suck us in and blind us to the blessings outside.

Alternatively, Five of Cups in tarot could suggest some kind of loss, disappointment and a consequent feeling of emptiness and void. Something you have been working on, has failed. Or a relationship you have been nurturing has gone kaput. It is natural to be sorrowful in such moments, and these challenges are opportunities of personal growth for us.

We should learn to pick up the threads and move on. The person in this card could be crying over spilled milk. However, in his mourning, he is missing out on the two upright cups right behind him.  There is a bridge right ahead that leads to a castle – the castle stands for stability and security.

But looking down and sobbing can do nothing but blind your vision and foresight. Get rid of any emotional baggage, regret or anger and take steps to move on. Ask yourself where's your silver lining, and start your journey towards it.

Let us look at the Five of Cups in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Five of Cups Love

Love Reading for Relationships

In a literal interpretation, Five of Cups could indicate a divorce or separation, or bereavement of your partner. But not necessarily. Look for supporting cards.

It basically symbolizes some kind of loneliness. This could also be about turning empty nesters, or leaving home, or reaching retirement.

Five of Cups in love could also indicate some kind of friction or regret in the relationship. Or are the above issues resulting from unresolved feelings for an ex?

You might be feeling disillusioned about your relationship, but this card tells you that all love is not lost yet. Work on your relationship to salvage it.

Love Reading for Singles

Five of Cups in love readings for singles could suggest that you are still mourning the loss of a loved one. This could be out of bereavement, or simply a break-up.

Are you feeling any remorse or guilt about it? The past is in the past, and cannot be changed. But there is a future out there for you that leads you to stability.

It is ok if you are not in the mood to date. But staying in a grieving state will hinder your progress. Look at the positives and start feeling grateful towards those.

Five of Cups Career & Finance

Five of Cups in career could indicate a job loss, or losses or failure in a business. Five of Cups generally suggests unwelcome changes and difficult situations which sop you up.

This could also relate to a major financial or monetary loss.

However tough the situation and big the losses, all is not lost. Five of Cups asks you to look around as there are things to be salvaged.

In case of bereavement, you could expect some inheritance or gift coming in.

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