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Four of Cups

Updated: Feb 19

Can you think of those moments when you get things without asking and yet you can’t seem to care more? That is exactly the sentiment of the Four of Cups.

Four of Cups Tarot

Four of Cups Meaning - General

The person in Four of Cups seems self-absorbed. Crossed hands show closed mindedness and an unwillingness to look beyond himself.

There is no lack here in Four of Cups. The person has already won three cups, and a fourth is being offered to him. But he seems disinterested.

Four of Cups as meaning speaks of lack of gratitude. Nothing is wrong, and yet you are not happy. You are probably taking things you have for granted. Your sense of apathy and looking inward is making you less grateful for things that you already have.

You might be feeling bored and stagnated with your situation. Nothing seems to excite you. And so, you seem to be feeling apathetic to any new or good things coming your way. Your approach and attitude is making life stale and flatter than it actually is.

Can you see the outstretched hand with a cup? Something is being offered to you. But you are missing it – either by lack of focus or lack of interest. Be careful not to miss an opportunity that you will come to regret later.

This is a very subdued sentiment. There is no passion, excitement, or motivation. You are also probably feeling very disillusioned. Look around and start appreciating the things you have and the things around you.

On the positive, Four of Cups tarot card tells you to focus on yourself if you have become too detached with your inner emotions. But remember not to overdo it. A little bit of introspection and contemplation can in fact do you good at this point.

Let us look at the Four of Cups in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Four of Cups Love

Love Reading for Relationships

From a relationship standpoint, ask yourself if you or your partner have become complacent. Do not take each other for granted.

Four of Cups in love indicates some great accomplishments together and more to come. But only if you can lift yourself out of this apathy.

Every relationship grows over its butterflies phase. But one needs to mature with time and look for more meaning in the relationship to keep the magic and purpose alive.

Count your blessings, appreciate what you have and do not be greedy by wanting more or wanting something different than you have.

Love Reading for Singles

Are you too bored from your previous relationships? You must have felt stifled earlier and seem to have gone within to deal with it.

Remember to have fun. All is not lost. Find happiness in what you have. Being absorbed in your past, and brooding over past mistakes and failures will not allow you to appreciate the present.

Also remember your happiness is in your hands and does not stem from being in a relationship.

Four of Cups love tarot could also indicate that you have been single for too long and are now reaching a stage where you are comfortably bored of relationships. Ask yourself if you are able appreciate new overtures or are you being withdrawn?

Four of Cups Career & Finance

With the Four of Cups in career, you are probably feeling bored, stagnated, and disillusioned about your job.

There is a sense of dissatisfaction. However, sitting and brooding is not the solution. Start by making small changes and listing what is working for you and what you are blessed with. Start with small acts of gratitude to shift the overall energy.

Also, spread your attention to the overall atmosphere and people around you. Try understanding others’ points of view rather than being focused on only yours.

Financially, you might be moping about some previous loss. All is not lost; you have much to be grateful for. There could be money opportunities that could come your way. Be alert and do not miss such offers.

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