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Four of Swords

Updated: Feb 19

Emerging from the deep pain of Three of Swords, Four of Swords signifies a time for contemplation and relaxation. Sleeping over a coffin, possibly meditating, the person in the image feels battle weary. He has survived a battle which probably would have laid him inside the coffin than outside.

Four of Swords Tarot

Four of Swords Meaning - General

The three downward swords in Four of Swords mean pain in the past. Remember that Four of Swords in tarot follows the Three of Swords. One horizontal sword underneath the person symbolizes the need to focus and lay to rest matters of the past.

Four of Swords as a meaning wants you to bring back order and organization in life, bring back some semblance of structure and method to madness.

Your eyes are still closed, you are thinking away. Probably still worrying about the past (indicated by the three swords pointing towards your head and torso). Your fears, anxiety and stress are causing a feeling of being overwhelmed and mental overloading. But this is all in your mind. Once you open your eyes, you will realize that it is calm and peaceful outside. The worst is already behind you.

You could be too engrossed in your internal thinking to notice this. All your worries are internal, and things are not as bad as you think.

However, you are unable to process all of it rationally. And therefore, there is rest and relaxation suggested. Rest and recuperation are vital right now. You need to find space and time to meditate and relax your mind. Silence and quiet contemplation can be your best friends right now.

Let us look at the Four of Swords in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Four of Swords Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Clearly you seem to have been through a relationship upheaval. And only time and space can heal you. Find ways to rest and recuperate by seeking solitude from your blown-up stress and anxiety.

Quality time by yourself and away from each other could help in reassessing your priorities. Also, at times, getting away allows one to reminisce about the reasons they got together in the first place and reinvigorate that sense of love and commitment all over again.

Love Reading for Singles

Four of Swords in love can be very apt for singles, as it signifies difficult relationships in the past or difficulty finding or being in the right relationship. This can be overwhelming, sometimes causing stress and anxiety.

Again, there is a need to cool down. Meditate, introspect, and contemplate about what you seek in a partner and a relationship.

A good direction can also be to find peace with yourself. Being desperate for a relationship is not going to serve you positively in any way. Relationships happen when you don’t chase them.

Don’t let the feeling of loneliness or stress of being single overwhelm you. Instead of rushing into your next relationship, take time off to enjoy being with yourself.

Four of Swords Career & Finance

Four of Swords in career could indicate burn out, mental stress or agony and hence a need to take some time off. You need to bring in some clarity and structure to your life to reassess the direction your career is taking.

Rest, relaxation and recuperation are recommended. One thing to note here (like we mentioned under the general reading) is that things are not as bad as they seem inside your head. You may feel like you are unable to cope, but a little bit of rest and getting away can help you bring in that much needed structure to your life.

The trick is to not allow negativity to cloud your mind. Just slow down, allow some peace to sink in through meditation and similar practices.

If you are worrying about your finances, remember that your financial troubles are in the past, and you can rest your worry and paranoia for now. You could do with taking a break to relieve yourself from the stress you are feeling, and indulge in some clear financial planning for the future.

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