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Four of Wands

Updated: Feb 19

Four of Wands is a very positive and celebratory card. You can see the flowers, the floral pavilion (resembling a Hindu marriage mandap), women holding flower bouquets and coming towards the pavilion.

Four of Wands Tarot

Four of Wands Meaning - General

Four of Wands as a meaning signifies celebration at the entrance of the city. It probably indicates reunification, coming back home for someone, and resultant reunion celebrations.

This is a card that symbolizes happiness in families or communities. Getting together of people for a wedding, party, festival, or some event.

The castles at the background denote stability and security. Overall, Four of Wands signifies prosperity, growth and excitement. The atmosphere is very charged, liberated and one can experience high self-confidence, self-esteem and a sense of freedom.

Four of Wands in tarot also advises us to let go of limiting beliefs or limitations and feel a sense of liberation. At times, there is happiness in cutting loose and feeling free of any bondages.

Let us look at the Four of Wands in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Four of Wands Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Given the resemblance of this card's image with a Hindu marriage, it is a very positive omen for someone who is looking to solemnize their relationship. With the Four of Wands in love tarot, one can expect a happy married and family life. Quite simply, it could indicate taking a relationship to a more meaningful next stage.

There is stability, prosperity and celebrations with family and friends cheering for the couple.

Love Reading for Singles

As a single, you are probably on a socializing spree. You might be attending parties and events, where you feel a great sense of belonging.

Four of Wands in love for singles could be a symbol of someone going to enter your life – possibly someone from your past as well.

Four of Wands Career & Finance

Four of Wands in career suggests a very happy and familial environment at work. There is a lot of support and co-operative team spirit. There could be team or customer get-togethers to celebrate successes.

Financially, you are very stable. All the hard work and sound financial planning allow you to be carefree and enjoy the present moment.

You might also be throwing parties and get-togethers to celebrate minor accomplishments.

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