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Judgment – Tarot (#20)

Updated: Feb 19

Judgment card in the tarot is associated with spiritual awakening, rebirth, and a call to self-reflection.

Judgment Tarot

Judgment Tarot Meaning - General

Judgment could quite literally mean judging or being judged. However, there are very deep meanings associated with the Judgment card in tarot.

Judgment card, generally, carries a very strong message for resurrection and awakening, especially spiritual awakening. It asks us to increase our self-awareness and embark on a journey of self-discovery in order to take right and positive decisions.

The card asks you to use your past experiences and identify karmic lessons and apply them in life to move forward. This card also speaks of absolution. With Judgment it is time to give up on past regrets and grudges and start afresh.

This can also be a moment of truth. It is time to honour your true calling in life. You could feel cleansed and refreshed as if a new lease of life is awaiting you.

Judgment card can indicate resolution of any legal cases, if pending, in favour of those who are honest and morally upright.

The Judgment card shows people separated by sea. This could indicate separation with family and loved ones. It can also be symbolic of homesickness.  

Let us look at Judgment in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Judgment - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

In a relationship reading, Judgment suggests rising above any challenges or arguments. Avoid blame game and accusations, forgive past mistakes and try to develop mutual understanding. This is a period of reflection and evaluation of the relationship between the two partners.

Complaining is not going to get you or your relationship any forward. Instead opt for open and honest communication and take accountability for your actions. Assess your personal and collective growth aspirations and find a way to move ahead together.

On the positive, Judgment can signify renewal of vows or commitment for each other. It denotes a kind of renewal or rebirth in the relationship. This could be a fresh start with newfound understanding to grow and nurture the relationship.

Judgment can also indicate long distance relationship.

Love Reading for Singles

Judgment in love for singles asks you to treat your partners fairly. Do not judge and also focus on making good and honest first impressions.

This card can also indicate self-reflection and personal transformation and awakening before getting into new love situations. Let go of past relationships and things that are no longer serving you.

Judgment - Career & Finance

Judgment in career can indicate a need to find your true calling. Is your work aligned with your values and aspirations? This card can suggest a time for self-assessment and a potential shift in one’s career.

You could be judged at work and might need to be aware of optical perceptions and represent yourself accordingly.

Financially, be careful on money matters and avoid snap judgments. Learn from past mistakes and carefully assess your financial plan in alignment with your risk appetite and values. Be financially responsible and make choices that are in sync with your long-term goals.

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