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Knight of Cups

Updated: Feb 19

Unlike the Knight of Swords and Knight of Wands, Knight of Cups displays softer tendencies as he is driven by his heart and emotions.

Knight of Cups Tarot

Knight of Cups Meaning - General

As a Person

Knight of Cups is a very gentle, affectionate, and warm person.

He can be emotional, romantic, and chivalrous. He is caring and loves peace.

Knight of Cups takes the emotional idea or inspiration from the Page of Cups and puts it into action. However, he can be very dreamy and out of sync with reality. And this could result in the ideas remaining as ideas if you don’t consciously act over it.

This Knight has the ability to balance his masculine and feminine energies and can use his softer side to charm his way through situations. He is very connected to his own feelings and emotions.

As a Situation

Knight of Cups could indicate the start of something new in matters of love and emotions. This card is a sign to take action that gives your emotional or soul satisfaction.

This card asks you to get in touch with your emotional and intuitive side for making decisions. Listen to your heart and intuition in case of any confusion.

Let us look at Knight of Cups in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Knight of Cups - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

For those in a relationship, Knight of Cups can indicate a deeper commitment.  This can also be a message to feel emotionally connected with your partner.

Knight of Cups can also indicate an extremely mushy partner or relationship. If this is not your style, there could be some challenges for you in dealing with the affection overload.

Also, with the Knight of Cups, guard against having unrealistic expectations from each other. Remember there is nothing called perfect love. Work on accepting each other’s imperfections and emotional nature to allow the relationship to grow and thrive.

Love Reading for Singles

Knight of Cups in love for singles can indicate a romantic proposal. Expect someone affectionate and compassionate to come and sweep you off your feet.

However, this person can be in love with the idea of love, and can be out of touch with reality (remember this person can also be you).

Knight of Cups - Career & Finance

Knight of Cups can indicate the start of some new job or venture that you love and is emotionally fulfilling.

This is a card that suggests using tact and diplomacy in your interactions and actions at work. Be compassionate with your team and colleagues and be creative in resolving issues.

Knight of Cups can also mean being in a creative industry if you are new to job search or looking for a career change.

Financially, Knight of Cups can indicate a lucrative offer coming your way. You might need to think creatively about your financial plan to resolve any strain. Any financial disputes can be resolved with harmony using your compassionate side and ability to mediate effectively. Be careful in your financial decisions, as not everything might be as real as they seem.

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