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Knight of Swords

Updated: Feb 19

Knight of Swords can be considered as the Page of Swords grown into a young adult.

Knight of Swords Tarot

Knight of Swords Meaning - General

As a Person

As a person, Knight is very similar to the Page, as he embodies the same suit of Swords. However, being in a young adult age, Knight of Swords can tend to display more extreme behaviours.

Like the Page, Knight of Swords is a highly intelligent person. He is chatty, communicative but also can be brashly direct and insensitive.

This Knight is high on confidence and motivation, and nothing can stop him on his path or mission. Remember, this confidence can tend to border on over-confidence.  One needs to guard against being blinded by one’s over-confidence.

This card can also represent a person on a mission. With the sword held high, the Knight seems dedicated and committed to a purpose.

As a Situation

Knight of Swords can indicate the need to imbibe the qualities of the Knight. Or if you already display these qualities, this card could suggest the need to tone down.

Knight of Swords can indicate some big change imminent. As the Knight is charging towards something, this represents something coming towards you at great speed. This could be some news or communication that you have been waiting for. Or this card can suggest that you need to take quick action now, rather than planning for something for the future.

Knight of Swords is a very active energy (not passive). Hence, this card indicates the need to take action, rather than waiting. Although while rushing into things, it is important to be aware of your actions and the consequences rather than being too impulsive.

Overall, this card stands for positive forward movement. This card can also indicate travel.

Let us look at Knight of Swords in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Knight of Swords - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Knight of Swords in love can be symbolic of you or your partner who embodies the qualities of the Knight. While the person is very determined and focused, he or she can also be very impatient and restless and can be easily bored.  

This tendency might not allow the Knight of Swords to commit to a relationship. This person can be a positive influence, but he or she will keep dashing in and out, rather than wanting to settle in a relationship. So, expecting a commitment from a Knight of Swords will be futile.

Knight of Swords can also denote a need to address challenges or obstacles in the relationship head-on and with open and honest communication. Be assertive, and yet aware of the impact of your communication.

Love Reading for Singles

Singles might meet someone with the qualities of a Knight of Swords. However, be careful that this person might not be ready to commit.

Knight of Swords can also indicate some big changes expected in your love life that could be positive. You might need to be more proactive to find love, rather expecting it to come fall into your lap. Be clear and open in your communications, and upfront on your expectations.

Knight of Swords - Career & Finance

Knight of Swords in career reading can indicate a very determined and motivated phase at work. Be proactive and assertive in pursuing your goals and seeking what you are entitled for.

You could be charging ahead in your workplace at high speed. Ensure that while you are surging through, you stay sensitive to those around you.

This card can also indicate some quick news or communication regarding your career. If you have been expecting a promotion or a new job offer, that could come through unexpectedly.

Financially, Knight of Swords can suggest an upswing in money or some unexpected windfall. You could be very focused on your financial management and are making some quick changes to steer you ahead strategically towards your financial goals.

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