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Knight of Wands

Updated: Feb 19

Knight of Wands is the Page of Wands turned into a young adult. He represents some of the same energies although a little bit more dynamic given the Knight’s prime youth phase.

Knight of Wands Tarot

Knight of Wands Meaning - General

As a Person

Knight of Wands is a person who is full of energy, enthusiasm, and confidence. He is bold, courageous and brave. He loves adventure and can tend to be rebellious.

This Knight can also be hot-tempered and hasty. He is a free-spirit and doesn’t like to be tamed.

Like the Page of Wands, Knight of Wands is also a very outdoor person and love challenges.

He takes the ideas and inspiration from the Page of Wands and puts them into action. On the downside, this Knight can tend to be so motivated by his goals, that he may act first and think later.

As a Situation

Knight of Wands is a card of action, at times heroic action i.e. action that needs courage and boldness.

As a situation, Knight of Wands can signify a big move in home or career. There is change or forward movement, generally in a positive direction.

If you have been thinking of starting or doing something, this card is a sign to go for it. However, beware of impulsive and impatient tendencies.

Remember that this card represents an early part of the journey with respect to the action you are taking. These are initial steps and may need long-term planning.

Knight of Wands can also indicate travel.

Let us look at Knight of Wands in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Knight of Wands - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Knight of Wands in love can indicate being in a relationship with someone with the above characteristics.

It can mean a relationship where there is a lot of passion, travel, and adventure. However, remember that the knight is a free spirit. He loves physical pursuits but may not be ready to commit.

Knight of Wands can also mean travel or emigration to a different country. If you have been thinking about moving jobs or countries, this card is a sign that speaks yes.

This card is a message to bring in more adventure, spontaneity, and fun into the relationship.

Love Reading for Singles

For singles, Knight of Wands could indicate someone like the Knight entering your life. This is a person who is very determined and passionate, however, be careful if you are looking at a long-term commitment, as this knight may not be ready to do so.

Knight of Wands can also be a message for singles to focus on your passion before seeking new love.

It can also mean a potential travel romance.

Knight of Wands - Career & Finance

Knight of Wands is a great card to receive in a career reading. If you have been looking for that new job, or to start your own venture, this card is a perfect complement.  With the Knight of Wands, one can expect a good beginning.

This card represents a very high energy phase at your work. You could feel very motivated and passionate about your work. You need action at this point, and the lack of it could cause frustrations.

There could be work related travel or emigration for work.

Financially, this card represents positive movement of money. Knight of Swords can indicate some inflow that will make you feel energetic and motivated. You might be planning a travel holiday.

However, be careful of your expenses as the Knight can tend to have impulsive purchases and outgoings.

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