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True Love Reading: A Tarot Perspective for Singles – Part 2

Updated: Apr 6

To recap, we are understanding true love through love reading in tarot.

true love tarot, love reading

We are walking along with the Fool through his journey of life through the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot Deck in pursuit of true love tarot. Going along the mysteries and challenges of life is important for us to mature and move up the spiritual ladder towards a more enlightened self.

We saw in Part 1 of this Article, on how we can find true love with the help of a love reading with tarot’s the first eleven Major Arcana cards. We will continue our journey here, in Part 2 of the Article with the rest of them.

1. The Justice (#11)

Justice Tarot

Life is a balance of karma. Our decisions and choices of the past have led us to our present. Truth and honesty are our best friends in this game of life. Justice Card in a love tarot card reading is also a card of choices. A choice to make, options to balance out. This is also a marriage card if you are seeking one.

Advice: Do not put on a charade. Be truthful in your interactions and act with integrity. Treat everyone fairly and with respect.

2. The Hanged Man (#12)

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man card shows a man suspended upside down. This card, in a love tarot card reading, is about feeling stuck and unhappy in a particular situation. Having said that the man has power to untie himself and get him out of this situation.

Advice: Sometimes doing nothing is a good strategy. Perspectives need to change 180°. Try and look at things from the other person’s point of view and let go of any preconceived notions. Time to do things differently.

3. Death (#13)

Death Tarot

This is a transformational card of the Tarot Deck. Death card can be terrifying to look at. But this card has a very positive angle to it. This is a card of giving up the old that is not working and embracing change.

Advice: Release fear and be open to change. Do not resist changes that life brings about but embrace them willingly and with an open mind. They are for your good.

4. Temperance (#14)

Temperance Tarot

Temperance card, in a love tarot reading spread, is a card of balance and peace, patience and moderation. One can sense a lot of harmony in this card.

Advice: Get in touch with your inner self. What drives you and your moral compass? Use more than one method to identify what matters deep down to you.

5. The Devil (#15)

The Devil Tarot

Like the name suggests, the Devil card is like the villain of the deck. In any love tarot reading spread, he tries to lure us towards the wrong, tempts us towards immorality, and disturbs our conscience.

Advice: Don’t be blinded by physical lust, look for deeper meaning in relationships. Also, release any mental co-dependency with the idea of being in a relationship. Become self-sufficient first and then look for love.

6. The Tower (#16)

The Tower Tarot

The Tower is on fire, it is coming crashing down. People are falling out to save themselves from fire.

Advice: Any sudden, unexpected changes are a part of life. But if you build something on a weak foundation, it will not weather challenges that come. Think about why you are single, and if something fundamentally needs to change about how you approach relationships.

7. The Star (#17)

The Star Tarot

A very soothing card, the Star card symbolizes healing. It is about knowing that the universe has your back.

Advice: Whether you want to heal, is on you. If you are ready, the universe is with you. Trust the divine plan and believe in true love.

8. The Moon (#18)

The Sun Tarot

The Moon card is one of the mystery cards of the tarot deck. There are secrets and not everything is as it seems. It could signify feeling low and anxious or indicate some instability or insecurity.

Advice: Avoid dodgy people. Don’t trust anyone whole-heartedly. Be cautious and mindful of who you date.

9. The Sun (#19)

The Sun Tarot

The opposite of the Moon, the Sun card is all about optimism and enlightenment. It is about coming out of the dark and embracing truth.

Advice: Embrace the truth and ride on the wave of happiness. This a glorious time in love and soak in the happiness as much as you can.

10. Judgement (#20)

Judgment Tarot

Are you judging or are you feeling judged? The Judgement card asks us increase our self-awareness to take correct and positive decisions. It is about figuring out our true calling.

Advice: Avoid judging people by first impressions. Get to know them deeper.

11. The World (#21)

The World Tarot

And finally, we reach the finish line of the Fool’s Journey. The World card is all about accomplishment, feeling on top of the world. It is symbolic of success and endless opportunities.

Advice: A world of opportunity is opening up after the long, hard and challenging journey. You feel very self-confident and self-assured and will attract all the right energies into your life. Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. True love is all about a feeling of completion and fulfilment.

Love reading for True Love

The path to finding true love is full of ups and downs. But at any given point in time, what is the right approach to follow can be confusing. Love oracles and angel love reading can also be very effective for angel messages on true love.

If you are looking for a deeper commitment and marriage, tarot can be a guide for that as well.

Love Reading for true love in Tarot can serve as an effective guidance here, showing you the direction you need to take. Remember, Tarot is not a crystal ball; it can neither foretell the happening of love, nor can it exactly predict time. But it is a means to live by the right principles and do the right things, that can remove blocks and help attract true love into your life.

Ultimately, love is a feeling that makes you feel complete. Whether you use your own gut feeling and judgment or tarot in your pursuit of true love, one must stay open to possibilities, avoid temptations and focus on building strong foundations. That is the key essence in the journey of lasting love.


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