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Page of Cups

Updated: Feb 19

Since cups are about love and emotions, Page of Cups represents young energy that resonates more with one’s emotional side.

Page of Cups Tarot

Page of Cups Meaning - General

As a Person

Page of Cups is a very young person or maybe a child who can be very emotional, compassionate, helpful and affectionate. On the downside, this Page can also be idealistic, naïve and sensitive.

Page of Cups is a person who chases his dreams, whether they seem rational and practical or not. He thinks with his heart and believes anything is possible. This Page is also very instinctive and goes with his gut.

Page of Cups can tend to be a day dreamer and a little drifted from reality.

As a Situation

Since Pages are messengers, and Cups are about love and emotions, Page of Cups can indicate some romantic proposals or some news or opportunities coming in love.  This can also be news about something or someone that you love and feel emotionally about.

This need not be external. It can also relate to an unexpected inspiration that could arise out of our unconscious mind. Do not weigh everything with a logical hat, but instead go with the flow and explore anything new with a curious and innocent spirit.

The fish popping out of the cup represents creativity and emotion. So this could be a message to open up to this side of you to deal with situations at hand.

Page of Cups could be a message to take up new creative pursuits or learning. If you have been wanting to join that art class or piano class for a long time, this is a sign to go for it.

Let us look at Page of Cups in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Page of Cups - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Page of Cups in love for relationships can indicate an engagement or marriage proposal. It can also suggest pregnancy if you have been looking to conceive.

This card can indicate a relationship that is right now floating on the cloud. You could be in a very dreamy phase of your relationship and feeling very connected with each other emotionally.

If there are challenges in the relationship, Page of Cups is a message to bring out that childish love and emotional side of yours to resolve issues. This is a card of reconciliation and hence look at forgiving and moving on.

Love Reading for Singles

Page of Cups in love for singles can indicate a new love interest entering your life. This could also be a younger person.

Remember Page of Cups is a dreamy and emotional person. So, if you are looking for something serious, this might not be the right person, or perhaps the right time.

Page of Cups - Career & Finance

On the career front, Page of Cups can indicate some good news coming in that will fill you with joy. Maybe a new job or role that you have been looking forward to.

If you are looking to start your career or looking at a career change, Page of Cups could indicate a creative career in arts, fashion, music or alike.

If you are already on dreamy or fantasy land, this card can be viewed as an advice to take action and not just be a dreamer.

Financially, there could be some good news or some gift or money flowing in. Do not be naïve in making financial decisions and assess if your financial goals and plan is realistic and achievable.

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