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Page of Swords

Updated: Feb 19

Since the Swords are about mental capabilities, the Page of Swords represents young energy with high mental capabilities.

Page of Swords Tarot

Page of Swords Meaning - General

As a Person

Page of Swords could symbolize a person (generally young) who is quick thinking, high on mental drive and brimming with ideas and thoughts, can tend to border on nervous energy or anxiety.

He has a curious mind and can be very inquisitive on various matters. He can get easily bored and might need to discipline his mind to focus and concentrate better.

He is very chatty, lively, curious, and extremely communicative. He thinks before he acts.

Page of Swords is also truthful, blunt to an extent, and believes in speaking and acting direct with no ulterior motives.

This Page also believes in being just and acting ethically. He believes in treating people fairly.

Unintentionally, Page of Swords could also engage in gossip or deceit, and one needs to be aware of these tendencies.

As a Situation

In general, Page of Swords as a situation can be a message of the need to imbibe the qualities of the Page of Swords.

Since the Pages are messengers, Page of Swords can indicate some news or communication coming in, especially having an impact on your mind, something that needs you to think rationally and logically. It could also indicate the need to use a new approach or direction, or adopt a new way of thought, for existing challenges.

Page of Swords can also be about using your mind to come up with different ideas or to research or study a certain topic or subject.

The Swords can also stand for truth. So, Page of Swords can indicate a revelation or a truth coming out, or a message coming in that brings more clarity and removes any previous ambiguity.

The Page of Swords is a message to be direct and talk truthfully.

Swords are also about justice and fortitude. Page of Swords, by that logic, is about making right a wrong and acting ethically. It could also be a message or communication of some sort that asks you to stand up for what is just or morally right.

Page of Swords could also indicate travel.

Let us look at Page of Swords in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Page of Swords - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Page of Swords in love for relationships can signify a lot of things based on its general meanings. It can indicate a very intellectual connection between two partners.

It can denote an ample amount of communication, loyalty, transparency, and fairness. This can be the status of the relationship or the characteristics of one of the partners in the relationship or the need to bring in these aspects into the relationship.

Remember that the Swords are more about the mind than heart. So, a Page of Swords might indicate lack of romance in the relationship.  As much as the relationship has no boring moment celebrally, there might be a need to spice up the passion element a bit.

Page of Swords can also indicate a bit of immaturity in one’s thinking and hence, if there are minor challenges or arguments, this card is a message to consciously avoid petty fights and control any issues from spiraling into something larger.

Page of Swords is also a message to be patient. If you are waiting for a milestone in your relationship, expect some delay here. Stay open to new ideas and perspectives within the relationship.

Love Reading for Singles

For Singles, Page of Swords in love is a message to get out there and socialize more. Be more communicative and upright in your dating life. Be honest about your intentions and seeking connections that are mentally stimulating.

This might take a bit of time, but be patient. Just go out and enjoy your intellectual conversations while the universe does its job to get your soulmate in front of you.

Page of Swords - Career & Finance

From a career standpoint, Page of Swords could indicate a very intellectual job or an opportunity to intern or apprentice in a very stimulating job. If not internship, this card could be about new experiences that enhance your learning curve and give you more knowledge and information about your job.

If you are job hunting, there could be delays, but you need to be patient. Look for opportunities to upskill yourself in the meanwhile.

If you are looking to start something new, this might be a good time to start ideating about it and planning for it.

Ensure open and effective communication in all your professional interactions. Stay curious and ask the right questions.

Financially, Page of Swords indicates you could be having many thoughts and ideas about your financial situation. There could be some news about your financial matters that you have been waiting for. It might be delayed, so patience is suggested. Have a curious and analytical mindset towards money and be open to learning new ways of financial management.

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