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Page of Wands

Updated: Feb 19

Since wands are about passion and creativity, Page of Wands represents young energy that is driven by his passion and ambition.

Page of Wands Tarot

Page of Wands Meaning - General

As a Person

Page of Wands is a person that is high on energy. He can be very ambitious and driven towards his goals.

This Page loves challenges and is very creative in finding solutions to these challenges. Your inner innocent child is riding high and you feel a very playful energy around you.

Page of Wands is an outdoor person. Outdoors is where this Page finds its energy.

Like we saw the Page of Swords potentially bordering on mental restlessness and anxiety, Page of Wands can tend to feel creative restlessness due to his high energy and drive.

As a Situation

As a situation, Page of Wands can indicate a need imbibe the qualities of the Page of Wands.

Since pages are messengers, Page of Wands can indicate good news coming in. Watch out for that email, letterbox or doorbell ringing.

Page of Wands is a card of inspiration, although with the Page holding his staff firmly on the ground, there is no rush. Therefore, this card has a dormant energy about it and need not necessarily imply action.

Page of Wands is the start of something new or a new perspective that motivates and excites you.  You can see the Page holding a staff with new leaves shooting out, despite the Page being surrounded by a desert and less fertile surroundings.  This is not only the start of something, but also indicates your ability to see your passion through.

This could also mean immature ideas or inspiration that need more thinking or feeling, before they start to blossom into something concrete.

The Page has salamanders on his rich looking robe. Salamanders stand for transformation. And therefore, this card can also imply change and transformation.

Page of Wands can also indicate travel.

Let us look at Page of Wands in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Page of Wands - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Page of Wands in love is a sign of playful and young love. This is phase of passion and sparks.

You could also be doing new things or experiencing new adventures together. This thrill can help in bonding.

This card can also indicate a travel adventure that you might undertake along with your partner.

If there are challenges, this card asks you to go back to the basics. Try and remember the early days of love and try to bring back that fun and excitement.

Love Reading for Singles

For singles, Page of Wands in love indicates potential new love on the horizon. This will be a passionate affair with a lot of energy and childish playfulness.

This is a good time to go out and socialize with people. You might also meet someone on a travel holiday. 

Page of Wands may not be about a committed serious relationship, but rather about something fun and exciting. Check for supporting cards to see if there is something long-term expected.

Remember Page of Wands is about pure creativity and passion, which is bred by freedom. So do not get too clingy, needy or possessive. This might kill the fun.

Page of Wands - Career & Finance

Page of Wands in career can indicate a new opportunity about to knock on your door that you feel passionate about. This can be a new job, a promotion, or something else.

You could be in a very thriving work environment which is creatively very inspiring.

This card can also indicate the start of something new. When the Page of Wands appears, it is a message to take informed risks. There is no need to play safe. Accept challenges that will help you grow and evolve.

Financially, Page of Wands can indicate some good news on money matters, maybe an exciting investment opportunity or some bonus or gift. As the Page of Wands can indicate immaturity to an extent, it would be advised to not splurge any sudden windfall you receive but to save part of it wisely.

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