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Seven of Swords

Updated: Feb 19

Do you see the gait of the person in Seven of Swords? Clearly, he is sneaking away, stealing five out of the seven swords in the image. But why did he leave two swords behind. Let’s see.

Seven of Swords Tarot

Seven of Swords Meaning - General

Seven of Swords as a meaning speaks of treachery or trickery. Unlike the Five of Swords where there is open, unabashed, and unapologetic knocking down of another, Seven of Swords is more hidden, devious, and mischievous.

This card speaks of manipulation, theft, or loss under your nose. Someone is being cunning right beneath your feet, and it is escaping your detection.

Theft here need not always be taken literally. Theft or loss can also extend to intangible aspects such as ideas, clients, customers, position, power, inspiration, etc.

This is a clear message to beware of an ill-wisher masquerading as your well-wisher or a spy in the camp. And he is getting away with it.

Let us look at this card from another angle. The person in the image seems to run away from something carrying as many swords as he can. Maybe the swords belong to him, and he is trying to escape from someone or something trying to steal them from him? In any case, the overarching message from this card is to protect what belongs to you.

Seven of Swords tarot tells us to be shrewder and be more aware of our surroundings and environment. Beware of dishonesty and protect what is yours. But you need to use your mental acumen to do this. Get clever as you are asked to outsmart your rival in their own shrewd style.

This person is also a lone wolf, he works by himself. And so is limited by his own capacities. That explains why he is unable to carry the last two swords along with him. So, are there benefits of teamwork that one should look at to maximize gains? The two swords left behind indicate that there is potential value left behind on the table by not being a part of a community or group.

It is also possible that this card is asking you to be strategic in whatever you do, question the ordinary, be sensitive to people and things around you. May be there is something you need to do, which cannot be done in a straightforward manner. You might need to use shortcuts or backdoors to accomplish what you must.

Let us look at the Seven of Swords in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Seven of Swords Love

Love Reading for Relationships

In a relationship reading, Seven of Swords in love screams caution. Be wary of manipulation or deceit, either by yourself or by your partner.  This speaks of a tendency to do things underhand to avoid confrontations.

Remember this need not necessarily be about infidelity but could be about any other matter where you or your partner are being secretive or dishonest with the other.

Love Reading for Singles

Are you dating someone or looking to date someone? Remember, honesty is the best policy. Do not be manipulative or put up a charade.

Be your true authentic self with anyone that you meet.

Similarly, be cautious of who you date. Maybe they are not upfront or are concealing something that you should know? Or probably they have a tendency to cheat or ghost people.

Do not play games, and steer clear of people who play games. Neither is healthy for you at this point.

Seven of Swords Career & Finance

Seven of Swords in career asks us to be careful of trickery or deceit at work. Maybe someone is trying to sneakily topple you off your clients, ideas, recognition, credit, or position.

Be careful to ensure that this does not escape your attention. Be cunning, use your acumen and put yourself ahead of the game.

There is a need to be flexible, adaptable, and agile when this card appears. Give up on old rigid beliefs and look for ways to be sharper and cleverer.

Financially, one needs to beware of dodgy deals or people who cheat. Do not sign documents without reading them thoroughly. In fact, try to read between the lines as there could be hidden meanings to clauses that are not visible to a layman. Also, avoid risky gambles and play safe when it comes to money.

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