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Strength – Tarot (#8)

Updated: Feb 19

The strength card is one of the few cards in the tarot deck with an infinity symbol. This denotes immense potential as you can see with the lady taming a lion fearlessly.

Strength Tarot

Strength Tarot Meaning - General

The Strength card in tarot denotes someone who has or needs to master the art of taming one’s environment or emotions using mental strength, acumen, intuition, intelligence and willpower.

This is not about being physically in control, but mentally and emotionally. With the Strength card, you have the ability to control your environment and situations.

The Strength card is not about strong arms or strong legs, but about inner strength – the ability to master your raw emotions and channel them effectively to overcome your fears, anxieties and inner challenges.

When the Strength card appears in a reading, it indicates the need to handle a situation or problem with acumen. Be diplomatic and at the same time authentic. The situation needs compassion and soft control (unlike the authoritative approach and hard control with the Chariot). Try empathizing with the other person or situation and use gentle coaxing, positive reinforcement and persuasion to get things done.

Balance out your courage and wisdom with love and generosity.

Let us look at the Strength card in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Strength - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

The Strength in love reading could indicate that the relationship is going strong and one or both of you are able to manage issues and conflicts effectively using your mental and emotional strength.

If there are challenges, there could be a need for inducing compassion and understanding into the relationship. Try empathizing with your partner rather than thinking about the problem from your side. Practise resilience and find solutions to challenges.

Love Reading for Singles

The Strength card in love for singles could denote a need to tame your fears and anxieties. If you are hurt from your previous relationships, or are simply afraid of being single and lonely, this card tells you to become strong emotionally. You have the power to control your fears and step above them. Don’t let your fears overpower you.

This card could suggest that you should work on becoming mentally and emotionally strong before entering into new relationships.  Also, there could be lessons to be learnt from previous ones, that need you to build empathy and compassion for your partner in future.

Strength - Career & Finance

The Strength in career indicates that you have the inner strength and power to achieve and accomplish your goals. But you need to be patient, diplomatic and resilient to challenges. Do not get frustrated or anxious. Find more effective and calmer ways to deal with challenges if any.

Use the power of persuasion to get your workmates to accede to your point of view rather than imposing your views on them.

The Strength card indicates success coming in using your kindness and softer side.

Financially, the Strength card suggests being thoughtful about your decisions. Avoid impulses and be disciplined when deciding on money matters.  Also, build a financial plan that will be resilient to down markets and follow a patient approach in investing.

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