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Temperance – Tarot (#14)

Updated: Feb 19

Temperance, in tarot, comes after a big uncomfortable transformation of the Death card. This is a card that brings back harmony and balance into life.

Temperance Tarot

Temperance Tarot Meaning - General

In Temperance card in tarot, we can see an angelic figure mixing water with two cups. Temperance means moderation and balance. This card speaks about bringing balance into your life.

When this card appears, it is time to relook at your life to check for excesses or anything lopsided and cure these. Find the middle ground and stay within the law of averages.

Temperance is also a card that suggests being calm and having patience for the long term. There are no short-cut solutions, but you need to be patient and things will look up for you in the long term.

This card stands for balance and harmony. It tells you to get in touch with your inner self and be aware of your core value systems and moral compass.

As we said earlier, in Temperance we can see an angel mixing water between two cups. This card can also suggest blending. This could mean that a particular issue may need a mix or combination of solutions that need to be applied.

Temperance is also a card of healing. So, if you have been undergoing a phase of ill-health, physically or mentally, this is a card of recovery that brings in that much needed energy and vigour.

Let us look at Temperance in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Temperance - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

In Temperance for love, you are advised to find balance and harmony in the partnership. It encourages patience and mutual understanding and the need for moderation and compromise.

This is also a card of healing, especially over the long-term. If you are facing challenges, Temperance advises you to find a mix of solutions and allow healing to come in a slow and steady manner.

Love Reading for Singles

Temperance in love for singles suggests bringing in balance in life. This is irrespective of whether you are actively looking for love or not. Look for the lost harmony in life to put yourself on the path of your personal mission.

This could also be specifically about working on harmony in your love life. Has your previous relationship(s) been chaotic or imbalanced? Engage in a period of self-discovery about yourself and values that resonate with you before you deep dive into a new relationship.

Temperance - Career & Finance

With Temperance in career, this is a good time to set long-term career goals. But the underlying message is to have patience and persevere with your goal. Do not be hasty or edgy.

You need to focus on your goal with a calm and composed frame of mind and you will definitely be noticed and acknowledged for your hard work.

This card could also suggest balancing out your work and personal goals. Ask yourself whether there is too much emphasis and focus on one part at the cost of the other. A balanced and harmonious work environment is the key to long-term success.

Financially, the Temperance suggests practicing moderation. Are you spending recklessly or spending too much on a particular expense? Bring a balance between your expenses and investments to work on long-term financial stability.

Take measured and thought-out financial decisions. Maybe you need to look at multiple options and blend in different financial strategies to achieve your monetary goals.

Temperance indicates a period of financial harmony with careful planning and moderation, leading to stability and prosperity.

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