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Ten of Swords

Updated: Feb 19

Ten of Swords is the last numeric card in the Swords suit. As number 10, it signifies an end and a beginning. But there could be more here. Read on.

Ten of Swords Tarot

Ten of Swords Meaning - General

With Ten of Swords, there is closing of a cycle and beginning of a new one. But you will notice that the card doesn’t evoke a very positive sentiment.

A person is lying on the ground with swords pierced into his back. This could be indicative of back-stabbing, bitching, or back-biting by someone. You might be facing betrayal from someone you know.

Ten of Swords can mean being in a situation of having reached absolute rock bottom in life. The pain is so severe that it feels difficult to cope. This is the final nail in the coffin.

One could be feeling chronic exhaustion and may even be facing a nervous breakdown. But the good thing is that there is only one way to move from here – Up.

Do you see the yellow streaks on the horizon? This is the darkest before dawn, and the sun is about to rise. So as a positive sign, this is a card that speaks of a new phase with renewed optimism and hope. The pain is over and there will be healing that will come your way.

Let’s take this one step further. Why would someone pierce 10 swords into a person when a single sword can do the job? Are we in a situation where someone is acting like a martyr?

Sometimes we get into a situation where we start prioritizing others over our own selves and our own happiness. We deliberately let others get ahead of us or make sacrifices thinking it is our duty to do so. Does this martyrdom serve us? That is a question we need to ask ourselves. Remember, with this attitude, fun goes out of life, and we start feeling constricted in our own narrow universe. We keep taking on more on ourselves, until we reach a breaking point.

Also, Ten of Swords in tarot could indicate someone playing the victim card. Is it you or someone else? Yes, there are 10 swords struck into you. You can choose to brood over it, feel self-pity and keep wondering ‘why me?’ But that is not going to serve you anymore. One needs to pull up one’s socks and be ready for the new cycle that is beginning.

Let us look at the Ten of Swords in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Ten of Swords Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Ten of Swords in love and relationship reading speaks of change - change that is overdue and needed immediately.

This could be suggestive of a divorce or separation. There is a complete breakdown in communication and a serious trouble that needs to be acknowledged. One cannot sweep it under the carpet anymore.

Ten of Swords could also indicate betrayal and infidelity.

If you are having frequent arguments, there could be a message here to not keep playing the victim card as the partner is not able to appreciate this anymore. If your partner is playing the victim card, there is a need for open communication to let them know.

There could also be an indication of an abusive relationship here. Look for supporting cards to read for any physical or mental abuse, if yes, there is a need to take immediate action.

Love Reading for Singles

For singles, you probably feel exhausted with your relationship life and status. Things may not seem to be working out, or a previous relationship has ended badly, and you still seem to be reeling under it.

This card is a reminder that any earlier relationship has run its course, and you need to move on. There is light on the horizon and moving ahead, things are only going to turn in your favour.

As advice, Ten of Swords in love tells you to seek out what makes you genuinely and independently happy. Definitely there is something new and exciting on the horizon.

Ten of Swords Career & Finance

You seem to have hit a final low in your work or business. Ten of Swords in career is a signal of something coming to an end. But don’t lose hope, as there is light at the end of the tunnel. When this card appears as a future reading, it might be a warning to you to not burn yourself out.

Beware of bad mouthing or back-stabbing at your workplace. Do not engage in such behaviour and stay away from people who do so.

On financial matters, this card could suggest financial ruin or heavy losses. It is better to tread with caution. Avoid gambling or taking any risky bets. Play safe and find ways to deal with any monetary issues immediately.

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