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The Emperor – Tarot (#4)

Updated: Feb 19

The Emperor and The Empress together are a power couple of the Tarot Deck. Unlike the Empress who is soft natured and caring, the Emperor is strict, disciplined and a believer in order and structure. Let us see further.

The Emperor Tarot

The Emperor Tarot Meaning - General

The Emperor is generally considered to be an older father like figure who is good in business and is also wealthy. This could be you or someone around you.  Interpret the below messages accordingly as applying to you or to someone around you, or as an attribute needed for the situation.

While the Empress was about mothering qualities of care and nurturing, the Emperor is about fathering qualities of protecting and defending.  The Emperor is someone who guides towards growth and offers comfort and security to those around him.

Number 4 can be linked to the four pillars of a structure that give it strength and foundation. Similarly, the Emperor likes order, structure, and discipline. He is a task master and likes things to be regulated and process driven. You are like the father figure around who is solid, grounded and looked up to by everyone for sound advice and guidance.

The Emperor can also indicate that you are being too serious with no time or tolerance for fun and frivolity.

The Emperor is symbolic of claiming your personal power back. When this card appears, it could be a message to you that you need to pull yourself up and start feeling and exerting your personal power to get things done.

On the negative, this can indicate a person who is too rigid and stubborn. The Emperor can be unwilling to listen to views of others and has high expectations from others.

Let us look at the Emperor in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

The Emperor - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

The Emperor is a person who is committed to the Empress for life. This is a card for a committed monogamous relationship. Your relationship could be having a lot of stability, or probably there is a need to bring in stability and order to the relationship.

You or your partner could be playing a significant or leadership role in steering the relationship ahead towards a goal and creating a strong foundation.

Be careful that one of you is not too stubborn or controlling in the relationship.  It might be good to define roles and responsibilities in relationships so that there is clarity on expectations from each other.

Love Reading for Singles

The Emperor could suggest that singles might find or attract someone with the qualities of the Emperor viz. stable, reliable, committed and a powerful sense of self.

This card can also indicate a certain perspective or approach to be followed by singles in their relationships.  If you have felt less confident earlier, this card could suggest approaching relationships with a lot more self-confidence and self-assuredness. Remember the Emperor is about power. So, this is time to claim that power and feel confident about yourself before seeking new love. 

It might also advise ensuring higher levels of communication and expressiveness with your partner in your future relationship. The Emperor card suggests ensuring clarity on one’s needs and expectations and establishing clear boundaries when entering into a new relationship.

The Emperor - Career & Finance

The Emperor in career suggests bring in some method to the madness. There could be need to bring in order and structure to your work or workplace. Have confidence in yourself and resuscitate your sense of authority in your career or with your clients and team.

If you are in a senior position, the Emperor suggests that you are respected for your authority and leadership. The Emperor could also suggest an older boss or colleague who could be your mentor.

For those in a family business, this could also point to your father who could provide you with valuable advice and guidance.

If you are looking for a job, or planning to start your own venture, the Emperor suggests following a very planned, logical and structured approach to this pursuit.

Financially, the Emperor suggests being disciplined in monetary matters. Be controlled in your spending and rational in your investment decisions. On the other extreme, the Emperor might also suggest the need to loosen up a bit if you are being too much of a tyrant in controlling expenses.

You need to take control of your financial matters in your hands and ensure you are building your financial plan with a strong foundation.

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