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The Hermit – Tarot (#9)

Updated: Feb 19

The Hermit card in tarot gives out a very icy feel to an onlooker, but the card has immense meaning underneath it. Let us see.

The Hermit Tarot

The Hermit Tarot Meaning - General

The Hermit in tarot means a phase of focusing on your own self. As you can see this person in the card is on top of a mountain, possibly isolated from the rest of his folks.

This is a time to focus on self and meeting your needs. You are entering a period of soul searching and introspection.  You could be in a very contemplative mood thinking about the basis of your existence and direction you need to take in life. You could be searching for a deeper meaning in life. The Hermit embodies the saying ‘seek and ye shall find’ in the most apt way.

When this card appears, it is suggestive of withdrawing from the daily grind. Step back and reevaluate your priorities. You could help with taking some off in solitude to get your perspectives in place.

The Hermit card can also suggest therapy or counselling. This need not be with a professional, but anyone who you consider your guide or mentor – someone who can help you put your perspectives in place.

The Hermit carries the number 9, which is one less than 10. You are very close to finishing a cycle and having new beginnings. This could signal the end of a contemplative one, and the wheels turning in your favour.

Let us look at the Hermit in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

The Hermit - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

The Hermit in love could symbolize you or your partner wanting to withdraw and reassess their life and direction. This is an introspective phase of life and relationship. You might need to create space from each other to feel reconnected again.

The Hermit could also indicate one partner stone walling the other. Are you feeling like you are speaking to a wall, or your words on falling on deaf ears.

This might be suggestive of seeking counselling if need be. Since this is a card of individuality, you might need to find your individual purpose and goals and try to align with each other to make the relationship stronger.

Love Reading for Singles

The Hermit in love for singles could indicate a phase of solitude, introspection, and self-discovery. This could be either to get over the pain of past relationship, or to reflect on your love life altogether.

Remember, with #10 following this card, you will be ready to embrace a new life. Use this time to go deep within and understand yourself better. Put yourself on a personal growth journey by channeling your perspectives in the right direction.

The Hermit - Career & Finance

You might be feeling very discontent with your career at this point. There could be a need to step back and reflect on where you are heading. Is the direction you are in right for you?  The Hermit in career advises you to introspect on your professional journey so far and align your path with your authentic self and values to ensure soul satisfaction.

The Hermit could also be suggestive of a work opportunity that is solitary in nature. You could be needing to take individual decisions without much professional support.

This could also be a phase where you are now seeking out spiritual growth after a long career focused on materialism. Focus on inner knowledge and wisdom to seek out your future.

If you need help, this card could suggest someone senior and experienced out there who could be available to mentor and guide you.

Financially, the Hermit asks you to reevaluate your financial plan with an introspective eye. Be mature in your investment decisions. It might also help to seek out professional help in planning you’re your finances.

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