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The High Priestess – Tarot (#2)

Updated: Feb 19

As opposed to the Magician in the earlier card, The High Priestess is about passivity (The Magician was about action and power). Rather The High Priestess is about inspiration for an action.

The High Priestess Tarot

The High Priestess Tarot Meaning - General

As a Number Two card, The High Priestess in tarot speaks about duality. Every coin has two sides and probably one side of the coin is not visible to you. There could be hidden secrets or information not known to you. This is a card that echoes ‘mystery’.

The High Priestess sits mysteriously as if holding a secret in her scroll. This card could either indicate secrets that you might need to be aware of or could be asking you to open yourself up to the unknown. For some, it might also be about acknowledging your shadow self. Perhaps this is about acknowledging your hidden potential or talents. Look for those dormant skills and desires and allow them to blossom.

If you feel a sense of ambiguity, the best approach is to use your intuition. The High Priestess with the moon at her feet is an indication to look for signs around and use your gut in making decisions. She is guarding the unconscious which is about reaching the hidden depths of your inner voice. This card asks you to go within and seek out your inner realm for guidance.

The High Priestess card is about passivity. This card suggests just holding back and not taking any action now. Like they say, be still and know. It is best to be patient and wait for things to pass than hustle and act (like the Magician).

Like we said earlier, The High Priestess is about duality. She balances the masculine energies of the Magician with her feminine energies. She is very sensual and therefore, this is a card of sensuality and attraction, indicating that you might be attractive to many right now.

Let us look at the High Priestess in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

The High Priestess - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

The High Priestess in love reading for those in relationships might indicate a need for introspection and looking into your inner wisdom and intuition to find solutions to any challenges. Are there secrets or matters hidden to you about the relationship or your partner? It might help to try to find out.

Remember, inaction is the best suggested plan of action with the High Priestess. Be calm, composed and try tuning in to yourself to understand your relationship better.

Since the High Priestess is a card of sensuality, this might also indicate a phase in your relationship where you have a lot of fun, passionate and intimate times with each other.

Love Reading for Singles

The High Priestess is also a card for spirituality. For singles, this card could suggest getting in touch with your spiritual side before getting into any relationship.

This might be a good time to do nothing about your love life. Find your moments of silence, tune into your instincts and try rediscovering yourself before seeking love.

This card could also suggest that you might be giving out very sensual vibes and might be attractive to many right now. You could also be attracting a spiritually inclined partner.

The High Priestess - Career & Finance

The High Priestess in career could suggest being instinctive in your career decisions. Be aware that there could be things not known to you. It might be useful for your to get the complete picture about your work situation.

This is a card of inspiration, so you could feel inspired to do something or about some opportunity at work, this could also be something creative in your line of work. There is hidden potential in you that you need to identify and nurture to make the best of any opportunity that comes your way.

If there are challenges at work, be patient and work on yourself than trying to change the situation. You need to use your judgment and intuition to find answers to questions and to understand the dynamics at work.

Financially, be careful of your finances. You might need to plan carefully. Your intuition will help you here. If you don’t feel right about a certain investment, do not get into it. Read all documents carefully and ask questions before making any decisions. It might help to read between the lines for any hidden terms and conditions. Be patient and let your money grow, do not make impulsive and hasty decisions.

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