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The Star – Tarot (#17)

Updated: Feb 19

After the crashing of the Tower, the Star brings in peace and healing. This card is associates with hope, inspiration and healing.

The Star Tarot

The Star Tarot Meaning - General

The Star in tarot depicts a scene of immense peace and serenity. The woman in the card seems to be watering the land, giving it nourishment and fertility.

This is symbolic of healing that the universe has to offer when we are in need of it. This card asks us to trust the universe and that it has our best interest in mind.  All you need to do is to embrace the healing.

The Star stands for hope and inspiration. After the despair of the Tower, the Star brings in that much needed hope. There is a sense of optimism and renewal of energy. You will feel inspired and energetic to look at life and your challenges with a fresh and positive mindset.

The Star is also a card of wish fulfilment. This is a good time to work towards your goals and dreams keeping a longer horizon in mind.

The Star also asks you to stay compassionate and generous. Share what you have and give back to nature and people out of what you receive.

Let us look at The Star in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

The Star - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

For those in a relationship, the Star suggests resolving of issues and a deeper commitment with your partner. You will support and inspire each other leading to growth.

There is hope and positive energy. Work on renewing your emotional connection with each other. This card advises having open and respectful communication. The future is bright if you open yourself up to possibilities.

Love Reading for Singles

The Star denotes a positive future love life.  Any past hurt is healing, and the universe is asking you to place your trust in it. Things are working for with your best interest in mind.

Look for signs around and be open to divine guidance. This is your wish card, so go ahead and make a wish to the universe.

The Star - Career & Finance

The Star in career can denote a great opportunity coming your way.

If you have been seeking something creative, you will do well in such fields. You might also be feeling very creatively inspired. Look for creative solutions to clear any work obstacles and set the path for long-term growth.

Identify your true authentic self and align your work goals with your personal and professional aspirations. Also, be generous and help your colleagues or teams where you can.

Financially, this is a period for growth and stability. Your money is growing, and you are moving positively ahead in accomplishing your financial goals. Build financial plans that ensure long-term stability and security.

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