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The Sun – Tarot (#19)

Updated: Feb 19

The Sun is the all the things we hope for moving forward from the Moon. It stands for joy, enlightenment and optimism.

The Sun Tarot

The Sun Tarot Meaning - General

The Sun card shows the sun shining its brightest and a young child riding a white horse with a lot of energy and optimism. There is an overall happiness and energy this card emits.

The Sun suggests that things are going very well, and all previous issues are getting resolved. Good luck and success are shining on you.

If you have been unwell, physically or mentally, there is renewed energy and vitality you will experience.

This is also a card of enlightenment. Hidden things come to light and truth will be revealed. This could also be about acknowledging your true and authentic self and feeling a sense of high self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Sun could also indicate travel, possibly to a tropical country.

Let us look at The Sun in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

The Sun - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

The Sun in love and relationships can indicate a period of growth and success. There is happiness, warmth and positive energy within the relationship.

Your partnership is flourishing and there is mutual understanding and joy. Go ahead communicate openly and express yourself to your fullest.

You could be looking to take your relationship to a deeper level viz. engagement, marriage or childbirth.

Love Reading for Singles

This is a great card for singles in love. You could be meeting someone soon who will bring in positivity and optimism in your life.

This card could be indicative of pregnancy. So, if you are not looking at conception, precautions are advised.

This card could also be advising self-love and a period of self-discovery and reflection. Focus on getting your energy and optimism back in life to attract the right people.

The Sun - Career & Finance

With the Sun in career, there is success, recognition and a very thriving and fulfilling work environment. You will be rewarded well with growth and opportunities for your hard work.

Pursue your goals with confidence and optimism.

Financially, the Sun stands for abundance and prosperity. Your monetary situation will be on an uptick and the future is bright. Be responsible in financial management and you will enjoy the benefits of financial success.

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