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The Tower – Tarot (#16)

Updated: Feb 19

The Tower card in tarot is the last negative card in the Major Arcana series. Here we see a tower on fire, and people falling out of the burning tower. This may sound scary, but like every other card, The Tower carries a deep message as well. Let us see.

The Tower Tarot

The Tower Tarot Meaning - General

The Tower is about sudden changes or an upheaval in your life that throws you off. It is like your world coming crashing down, just like the Tower depicted in the image.

The Tower stands for scary life disruptions, but changes which are unavoidable. This is a card that asks you to be cautious about events and things unfolding to ensure you are not caught off-guard.

The Tower crashing is also a symbol of truth being revealed from a heap of lies or manipulation (following the Devil in the earlier card). What was hidden earlier is now being exposed or there is clarity coming in through a bunch of illusions that your mind has been harbouring.

The Tower card denotes breaking of old structures with weak foundations to make way for new ones and growth. Remember, only structures with weak foundations can fall apart. The Tower carries a message to be morally upright in everything you do. Do not build something on false foundations or lies, as they will come crashing down on you.

Also, look at supporting cards to see if the change being spoken about by the Tower is a major event or just an undesirable adjustment. If surrounded by positive cards, the latter could be true.

The Tower need not always be external. This card can also signify a huge emotional outburst, or your defenses coming crashing down. If you have been going through a mental challenge, this is an eruption. The card advises you to let everything go and work on starting from the scratch on a clean slate.

Let us look at The Tower in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

The Tower - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

The Tower in love for relationships, asks you to reassess your current relationship. Are you being honest and truthful to each other? Brace for sudden or unexpected changes that can be uncomfortable and make you question the basics of the relationship.

Deal with any challenges by identifying the root cause of the issue and building a strong foundation for the partnership.  This is a transformative phase that will help you come out stronger by breaking old habits and patterns that are not working for you.

In a literal sense, this card can indicate breakups or some traumatic event that strains and tests the relationship.

Love Reading for Singles

The Tower in love suggests that singles should engage in some reflection and self-discovery to understand the reason for being single. It could indicate destruction and renewal of old perspectives or habits that are not serving your love life.

If you are dating people, the card advises caution. Try not to commit until you have all the information about the person.

The Tower - Career & Finance

The Tower in career can denote unpleasant and big changes in your work environment. It could denote braking of old structures and forming of new ones. There could be major re-organizations at your workplace that can shake you up completely.

If your company has been going through difficulties, there is a possibility of major changes causing job insecurities.

Be adaptable and open to new ideas. Embrace disruptions knowing that new growth will be stronger and more sustainable.

Financially, there could be major disruptions or unexpected financial challenges. Reassess your financial goals and strategies. Ensure that there are no shortcut goals. Work on crating a solid base for long term financial stability.

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