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Three of Pentacles

Updated: Feb 19

Three of Pentacles is about strong foundations and demonstrating your work and capabilities to others.

Three of Cups Tarot

Three of Pentacles Meaning - General

Three of Pentacles as a meaning is simply about honesty and dedication towards one’s work and duty. There are no unseen or hidden forces at play here.

This card indicates hard work, dedication, and determination. You are ready to give yourself 100% to a task or goal that you have set for yourself. There are no short-cuts. You are focused on building a strong base. Your competence level is high and people around you notice you for your competence and hard work.

Three of Pentacles in tarot is also about working as a team. You are encouraged to move beyond working as an individual contributor and be a part of a team or group. There are long-term benefits of co-operation and teamwork. The sum of parts can be greater than the individual parts.

This is also a card of studying and learning. If you are thinking about interning somewhere or taking up an apprenticeship, you are going in the right direction. Remember, learning is a lifelong process, and it is recommended to look at ways to upskill yourself.

Three of Pentacles suggests detailed planning and organizing. Nail down your action plan to last detail. Superficial approaches are not going to work for you. Research, organize, structure and plan to bring in the desired results.

Let us look at the Three of Pentacles in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Three of Pentacles Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Three of Pentacles love tarot indicates putting in effort into a relationship to make it work. Try and understand each other, your goals, priorities, aspirations and find ways to make it work. You are intent on setting a strong foundation for your partnership.

Renew your commitment to each other. Three of Pentacles suggests a strong intention to work on the relationship.

If there are persistent issues, seek the help of a counsellor to set things right.

Love Reading for Singles

You are building a strong base in your career and probably are not looking for love right now. Or you are focusing on self-love and self-care and wish to heal your inner issues first before you commit to a new relationship. There are learnings from past relationships that will be of help as you work on yourself.

Three of Pentacles in love can also suggest that you might meet a new potential partner at your place of work or study. Be open to working on a relationship at the roots and strengthening the base. There is no flash in the pan here.

Three of Pentacles Career & Finance

Three of Pentacles in career could indicate that people are noticing you for your hard work and dedication.  Your competence to get things done and accomplish tasks is recognized and acknowledged. Your work commitment, ethics, dedication, and determination are appreciated.

This might be a good time in your career to take a break and go for higher studies. If not a full-time break, you could also consider upskilling opportunities that bring in personal and professional growth.

Teamwork is highlighted by the Three of Pentacles. Seek support of colleagues, boss or others to ensure success in projects.

You are working with a long-term view in mind and are willing to overcome any obstacles or challenges that come your in way initially.

You will also be rewarded financially for your hard work and efforts. Make sound financial plans with long-term prospects in mind. Avoid looking for quick and short-term gains.

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