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Two of Wands

Updated: Feb 19

Two of Wands is about a man holding his world in his hand. He is inside his castle and looking out at the world beyond. This is a card in the tarot deck with very deep messages. Let us see.

Two of Wands Tarot

Two of Wands Meaning - General

Two of Wands indicates a person who is very confidently holding the world in his hands. This indicates power, a kind of personal power that comes from having a high level of self-confidence.

This person has foresight to be able to plan the future. There might be a lot of stillness in this card, which can be indicative of waiting, anticipation or suspension. But that stillness could also suggest taking a step back to foresee and sketch out the future.

The person here is contemplative. Twos are generally about choices and decisions. But this may not necessarily be a decision. It is about claiming your personal power, which requires thought and introspection. Any decision made or path chosen by this person will be well-planned and well-thought out. Even if it means taking bold decisions.

There are no cookie cutter solutions to problems. Originality and creativity are your best friends now. What works for others may not work for you. Understand what suits you best, leave out old, tired, tried and tested ways, and seek out innovative approaches. Even if it means walking the path less tread.

There are some cards in the tarot deck that suggest group or teamwork or seeking out external assistance. Two of Wands on the contrary is all about individuality. It speaks of your individual ability to deal with your situation. Also, in comparison to the Magician whose power is more magical, the energy of the Two of Wands is more personal, earthly and human.

Two of Wands can also indicate travel. Check for supporting cards for more details.

Let us look at the Two of Wands in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Two of Wands Love

Love Reading for Relationships

There is something about your relationship that needs contemplation.

Quite literally it can mean a decision to emigrate outside your country. More subtly, there could be aspects of your relationship that need thinking. These are not necessarily worrying aspects. But probably involves planning for your future or well-being or looking for ways to align with each other’s goals.

By consequence, this card signifies a very long-term relationship. This is not a one-night stand or a casual fling. You are already thinking of the next step and what preparations or adjustments that step requires.

Love Reading for Singles

If you are single, Two of Wands indicates a period of planning for your future. It might be thinking about the kind of relationship you would want to be in. Or simply deciding to plan your life independent of any relationship to bring in order and method to life.

You can be bold and make bold and unique choices. This card encourages you to be creative in your thinking.

Two of Wands Career & Finance

Taking reference from the explanations given under the general reading, Two of Wands, in a career context, suggests that there are benefits to be gained by doing things unconventional.

Bold choices will be rewarded at work. You have the foresight and power to be able to plan things out and hence, this might be a good phase to start a leadership role at your work.

There could also be opportunities to move abroad and there is a decision to be made in this regard.

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