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Will He Call Me Tarot – Is Love Reconciliation On the Cards?

Updated: Apr 6

Will He Call Me tarot, Man missing his ex

Will he call me tarot is a very common reading sought by many after a break up

Will he call me? Or will she call me?

Every break-up comes with a hope for reconciliation. But not knowing can make it confusing. What should one expect, and how should one move on?

These are questions you might be seeking answers to. You might wonder what tarot has to do with this.

Well, a tarot deck has a few cards that indicate something relating to a past person. If your “Will he come back” reading brings these cards to the fore, there is a possibility of this person calling you.

Whether or not it means a reconciliation, needs a deeper reading. In the end, what we truly seek is true love.

You may wonder how can tarot card reading tell about one's love life. But let us see how tarot can help us understand if he or she will call me after a break up –

Will He Call Me Tarot – Cards that Indicate ‘Yes’

1.    The Star

The Star card symbolizes hope and healing. In a reconciliation tarot, this card can indicate a renewed sense of optimism and a suggestion that healing is on its way. 

This could be interpreted as a possibility of reconciliation and your ex returning or calling you back.

Three of Wands quite literally is an explorer’s card. With this card, there is an optimism and waiting for ships to return, symbolizing the arrival of positive changes.

Both people may be exploring new horizons independently but with the potential for reconnection.

3.    Four of Wands

Four of Wands shows reunion – coming back to a family, community or city and the joy and celebration that ensues thereafter. 

When appearing in a reading focused on a past person and the prospect of reconciliation, this suggests the possibility of your past person coming back and reuniting with you marked by mutual understanding and shared happiness.

4.    Six of Cups

Six of Cups in the Tarot is a card of nostalgia and memories. Quite literally, this card indicates the return of a past person.

But remember to take this card with a pinch of salt. As Six of Cups can suggest a nice phase but with no growth.

So, any reconciliation here might be feel-good but may not help in your personal growth. Unless you find deeper meaning and approaches to build a strong foundation.

5.    Two of Cups

Two of Cups is a soulmate card and therefore in a reconciliation reading, can indicate the potential of the pas person returning.

It signifies a profound emotional connection and the promise of renewed harmony.

6.    Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups is the happily ever after card of tarot. This card in a past person reading is a positive indication of a reconciliation. And things turning joyous and peaceful.

This card symbolizes the ultimate fulfillment and emotional bliss.

Reconciliation is a Choice

Ultimately, remember that the power to reconcile lies within the actions and intentions of both partners. You could choose to move on and that is completely okay as well. So the answer to Will he call me or will he return is not carved in stone.

Tarot cards, with their mystical language, can guide on the possibilities, obstacles and advices. But it's completely your choice and effort that shape the destiny of your relationship.

So, as you await that call, approach the journey with an open heart, mindful of the wisdom the cards have shared.


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