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Welcome to the Tarot Pricing Page of Diviniti Tarot, your trusted Tarot Card Reader. Here, quality blends with affordability to offer you spiritual insights most relevant to you. 

At Diviniti Tarot, my prime objective is to give you clarity and guidance you are seeking. I take comfort in offering you a unique and enriching experience from high-quality personalized tarot reading services. All at prices that won't weigh heavily on your pocket. 


All proceeds received by me towards service charges are dedicated and donated to supporting animal welfare, a cause very dear to me. This means that every reading you receive is not just a transaction; it's a conscious act of kindness that extends beyond realm of the reading. 


The purity of my intention sets the stage for a reading that is infused with positive energy, sincerity, and a genuine desire to guide you on your spiritual journey.


I understand that seeking spiritual guidance should be accessible to everyone, and that's why I've crafted my pricing structure keeping you in mind. I would like to make the meaningful world of tarot available to all who seek, irrespective of their budget constraints. 


My commitment to affordability does not compromise the quality of your readings; instead, it enhances your journey by removing financial barriers and inviting you to explore the wisdom of the cards without hesitation.


Your path to clarity and understanding is not only an individual journey, but a collective effort by you and me, towards creating a positive change for you. 


Join me on this wonderful enlightening drive, where the fusion of quality, affordability, and compassionate intent awaits you.

Why I do not offer free tarot card reading

Money and coins


Man listening

USD 8 / INR 350

(Only Chat / Email)

Single Question

Three Women

USD 20 / INR 1,000 
(Only Chat / Email / Audio) 

Three Questions

Building with Intricate Art Wall

USD 40 / INR 2,000 
(Video / Audio) 

Detailed Reading (up to 45 mins)


Woman on call

USD 0.6 / INR 30

 per minute

Chat / Audio Consultation

Woman on video call

USD 0.75 / INR 40 
per minute 

Video Consultation

In Person Meeting

USD 1 / INR 50 
per minute 

In Person Consultation

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