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General readings are broad readings that provide general insights into various aspects of an individual's life. These readings may cover any topic pertaining to love, relationships, career, finance and general life situations. General readings may cover any or multiple of the below aspects -

  • Love Tarot Reading: Current relationship status, potential future romantic prospects, or seek advice on improving existing relationships.

  • Career Tarot Reading: One's current job situation, potential career paths, or guidance on work-related decisions.

  • Finance: Individual's financial situation, advice on managing money, or predictions related to investments or financial opportunities.

  • General Life Situations or Daily Tarot Card Reading: Major life changes, personal growth, and general life direction. They provide a holistic view of the individual's life.

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Specific readings in tarot are focused on answering questions or addressing specific situations in an individual's life. These readings are highly targeted and aim to provide precise guidance. Here's how specific readings work

  • Love and Relationships: Specific readings may address questions like "Will my current relationship improve?" or "Will I find love"?" Tarot cards are drawn and interpreted to provide direct answers to such queries.

  • Career and Business: For career and business-related questions, tarot cards can be used to offer insights into specific job opportunities, business decisions, or strategies for career advancement.

  • Finance: When it comes to financial matters, specific readings can address questions about investments, budgeting, or even whether it's a good time to make a major financial decision.

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Oracle reading involves the use of oracle cards, which are different from traditional tarot cards but are used for similar purposes - providing guidance and insights. Oracle cards engage in a form of psychic reading and often feature inspirational messages, affirmations, or symbols that can be interpreted in a more intuitive and open-ended manner.

  • General Guidance: These are often used when seeking more spiritual or intuitive insights.

  • Specific Queries: Oracle cards can be used to address specific questions or situations. The interpretation of oracle cards is highly intuitive and relies on the reader's connection with the cards and their symbolism.

  • Open-Ended Insights: Unlike tarot, which is more structured, oracle readings offer more open-ended insights and interpretations, making them suitable for a wide range of exploratory questions.

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