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The Lovers – Tarot (#6)

Updated: Feb 19

The Lovers card in tarot is a very beautiful card of union and harmony.  One could call this a soulmate card, but there is so much more here. Let us see.

The Lovers Tarot

The Lovers Tarot Meaning - General

The Lovers in tarot stands for harmony and attraction. The presence of the man and woman in the card against an angelic background signifies deep love for each other. This is a perfect union. In that sense, this card is symbolic of a soulmate in context of a relationship.

But the Lovers need not always be about two people. This card can be suggestive of looking within oneself and improving our relationship with self. It could be about self-love and self-care. The Lovers card can be a message for us to fall in love with ourselves, identify our passions, understand ourselves better, our value systems, moral code, what drives us, and what brings balance to our lives. This is a deep exercise for an individual.

The Lovers could also be about a choice or dilemma between two options. This choice could also be an ethical or moral crossroad that you find yourself at. In such a situation, this card asks your to follow your heart.  Be your authentic self in whichever direction you choose to move.

Remember, the Lovers card need not be about your partner, but about any one close to you with whom you share a deep bond – your parents, sibling, friend, child, etc.

Let us look at the Lovers in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

The Lovers - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

The Lovers card is literally about love – pure and deep love. In a relationship reading, this card denotes balance, harmony, shared values and bliss between the partners.  There is a deep bonding and mutual trust and understanding in the relationship. If you are looking at marriage, this card could symbolize solemnizing the relationship.

The Lovers is also a card of sexuality and love. You might be in a phase of relationship where you feel physically very attracted to your partner and there are many moments of intimacy and love making.

In case of any challenge, this card is an advice you to rekindle the romance, try to dig deeper within yourself and remind yourself why you fell in love in the first place. There could be some decisions to be made, but think with your heart and make the choice based on your emotions, not mind and logic.

Love Reading for Singles

The Lovers card in love for singles could be symbolic of a soulmate entering your life. This is not just about physical attraction, but a deep connection and mutual understanding that one seeks in a relationship.

Whether you have been single recently or have been single for a while, the Lovers card advises you to get to know yourself. Build love and a relationship with yourself before seeking out external love.

The Lovers - Career & Finance

The Lovers card in career could indicate business partnerships with someone who shares your wavelength. It might be more productive and fruitful to team up with someone rather than executing a project on your own.

This card could also symbolize potential love or romance at work. You might want to be careful about not mixing business and pleasure.

Ther could also be a choice to be made on your career. This could be about a big change in your workplace, or a new opportunity coming your way.

Financially, the Lovers card stands for good fortune and new financial opportunities coming your way.  When making financial decisions, consult and collaborate with your partner, mentor, parent, or any person with whom you share your value systems. This card encourages using your emotional intellect while making financial choices.

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