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Six of Cups

Updated: Feb 19

Six of Cups is a very feel-good card. You can see children in the image, with one child offering a cup of flowers to the other. The background has a nice looking village with flowers and a castle.

Six of Cups Tarot

Six of Cups Meaning - General

The children in Six of Cups mean nostalgia and past memories. We go through moments where we reminisce past emotional moments. This could be possibly because of reuniting with old folks or friends, or some events happening that relate to our past. As a consequence, this can also be read as a card of reunion.

Six of Cups in tarot is a nice and sweet card that signifies sharing of joy and small, little gifts. It could also indicate becoming or feeling childish or childlike and soaking in the fun that comes with being immature.

You might be feeling innocent, playful or youthful. The world feels simple.

Six of Cups is also a card of goodwill and charity. You might have a noble intent and are keenly sharing what you have. Or vice versa, where someone else is being kind and generous to you. Possibly this kindness pertains to a cause related to children.

Six of Cups is generally a positive card but beware of being stuck in the past. Also, any situation that resembles the Six of Cups may be feel-good but may not promote personal growth. Soak in happy moments, memories and move on. 

This card can also suggest rekindling the child in you. Have you gotten too serious in life, or has fun gone out of the window? Remember that free spiritedness you felt as a child? Maybe it is time to bring out that child in you.

Let us look at the Six of Cups in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Six of Cups Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Six of Cups in love and relationship could indicate conception or pregnancy if you have been looking to go the family way.

Six of Cups could indicate a very childlike fun phase in one’s relationship. If you appreciate childishness and immaturity, you will be able to go with the flow and enjoy it. But if it gets on to you and is impacting responsibilities in the relationship, it might be something you need to find a way to deal with.

Alternatively, Six of Cups could also indicate nostalgia about the past. This could be about the early days of the relationship when things were more thrilling and passionate, or it could be an ex that you or your partner is remembering. In either case, try and accept the current situation as is, and do not let this nostalgia impact you negatively.

People change and time changes. We need to learn to accept things the way they are and move on. Remembering the past can only accentuate your negative feelings causing issues in the relationship.

Love Reading for Singles

Six of Cups in love for singles could indicate a situation where you are stuck in your past. You might have had happy relationships, but if they haven’t worked out for any reason, try learning from the past, making progress into the future. Do not linger in past territories.

This card can also be about a past person coming back into your life. Or you are contemplating reaching out to a previous partner. Think before you make a move, as the Six of Cups does not stimulate a growing relationship, but merely a fleeting happy moment.

Six of Cups Career & Finance

Six of Cups in career reading might indicate a phase where there is a lot of creativity, sharing and goodwill. It is one of those phases where things seem in control and progressing easily and well.

Your work might entail interacting with children or younger people.

In general, Six of Cups could indicate a certain comfort zone. There might be a need to shake up status quo and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Financially, Six of Cups could indicate some gift, charity or inheritance. This is a comfortable phase of life financially and investments are stable. You might, however, want to reevaluate your investment strategies to ensure that you don’t plateau on gains.

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