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Welcome to the articles page of Diviniti Tarot! This website is everything tarot. Allow me to open your mind to tarot and understand tarot. Trust me when i say this is a secret window of your life that you will be happy to uncover. Tarot cards are like those picture cards we would see as kindergarten kids, just that they hold way more meaning and can tell you interesting things about your life. Whether you're new to this subject or have been curious for a while, I'm here to guide you.


Imagine Tarot cards as a deck of magical story cards. They're like your friend, philosopher and guide, sharing surprising insights about the past, present and future. Have you ever been curious as to how these picture cards can say anything, forget fortune telling, about your life? Are you curious about their secrets? Trust me, you're in the right place!

Tarot, generally a deck of 78 cards, holds the key to opening up many hidden insights and perspectives in our lives. Each card is a mirror to a different facet of human experience, offering a very unique perspective on our past, present, or future.

Sometimes, when you look at Tarot cards, you might think, "What do these cards mean?" You're not alone! Our articles will give you an overall meaning of these cards, their origin, how they help and also break down each card's special message, just like reading a simple storybook. We will also include tips to help you use tarot cards to learn about your life, yourself or your folks.


You can also learn more about each card in the learn tarot section of this website. 


So, let's move ahead on this enlightening journey together. Tarot cards have been around for a very long time, and people find them really interesting. The articles below will be your guide to understanding how tarot can help you and how they can be a fun way to explore life and future. Let's unlock the door to discovering more about yourself and the world of Tarot cards!

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