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How to move on from a break up - Tarot Answers

Updated: Apr 6

How to move on from a break up

Breakups are rough. They hurt and they're confusing. How to move on from a break up. This is an emotional and a million dollar question. Because when you are going through it, all solutions seem like a tall order.

When you're feeling lost, Tarot and Tarot Card Reading can be your guide. We'll use the cards to see if true love is coming your way and help you find ways to heal after ending a relationship.

Tarot Cards that advice on how to move on from a break up

Card 1: The Tower - Welcome the Unexpected:

The sudden surprise of a split is like the Tower card. See this shock as a chance to change. Don't fight it. Face your feelings and know that to build something new, you need to take apart the old.

Real-life Example: Use this moment to tidy your home. Move your furniture around, paint your walls a new color, or try a different haircut. External changes reflect the inner changes you're going through.

Card 2: The Lovers - Embrace Self-Love:

Despite its name, The Lovers card isn't just about romance. It pushes you to revive your self-love and self-care. Use this period to remember the things that bring you joy, without including a partner.

Real-Life Example: Begin a diary. Write down what brings you happiness. Simple things matter - a cozy cup of coffee, a nature walk, or losing yourself in a favorite book. These steps will slowly help restore your sense of worth.

Card 3: The Fool - New Beginnings:

The Fool ushers in a start of a fresh journey. It is a nod to step away from the past. Embrace what's new. Be open to being the main character in your life's narrative.

Real-Life Example: Organize a lone journey. It could be a day trip to a close-by town, a nature hike, or weekend break. This excursion provides a change of environment and lights a spirit of daring and opportunity.

Card 4: The Empress - Self-Care:

The Empress signifies self-nurture and care. It is about satiating your external senses. Concentrate on refilling your emotional energy. Partake in activities that make you feel cherished and appreciated.

Real-Life Example: Have a home-spa day. Fill a tub with warm water. Light a few candles. Follow a calming skincare process. This small habit tells you it's important to take care of and value yourself.

Card 5: Wheel of Fortune - Believe in the Journey:

Life has its highs and lows, just like the Wheel of Fortune. Know the rhythm of life, and realize happy days will come soon.

Real-Life Example: Make a vision board with your hopes and plans. It's a great reminder. Life keeps changing, and you control your fate.

Card 6: Three of Swords - Understanding Sadness:

The Three of Swords is about emotional hurt and sadness. It's key to see and understand your sadness. Let yourself be sad and see it ebb away.

Real-Life Example: Take time for self-thought. Pen a letter to your past significant other expressing your thoughts, and you may not even send it. This writing can offer relief and help the healing.

Card 7: The Chariot - Moving On:

The Chariot is a card of will power and determination. These are qualities that become critical in order to move on. The Chariot advises you about being tough and assertive. That the journey is long, but there is happiness at the end of the road.

Real-Life Example: Look at your emotions and see what is the most difficult to handle. Tackle that first, one step at a time.

Final Words:

Break ups can also lead to reconciliations. Check out my article on 'Will he call me tarot?' for more on this.

For this article however, there is strength to be gained from moving on.

Recovering from a hard breakup is a winding road and Tarot can be a kind helper. The cards give more than views but useful advice to master the emotional landscape. Accept the knowledge they give, and know, healing is a slow journey that brings new doors opened with self-care and expansion.


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