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Wheel of Fortune – Tarot (#10)

Updated: Feb 19

Wheel of Fortune is the only card in the Major Arcana series that does not feature a human being. By that sense, this card is more symbolic of situations or events, rather us or people around us.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Meaning - General

Wheel of Fortune, as a general meaning, stands for a turning wheel. And that is the wheel of our life. Our life is in constant motion. The cycles keep changing from happiness to sorrows to happiness, simplicity to challenges to simplicity, and so on. These cyclical phases are what the Wheel of Fortune depicts.

These cycles are not in our control. All we can do is brace for the change and live it up in each cycle. When the Wheel of Fortune appears, it denotes that the cycle is about to change. While the outcome can be good or bad, in general, this denotes a positive change and things turning for the better, unless the card is surrounded by negative cards. This card is a reminder to leave things in the hands of the universe and trust that the universe in working in your favour to help you reach your goals.

With the Wheel of Fortune, it is time to tie up loose ends and move towards completion. There is a ton of experiences that you have to draw from (through the Fool to the Hermit) that will support you on your personal growth journey. Just go with the flow, do not resist or control the circumstances. The tempo of your life is about to pick up speed, and you need to tide the wave in the direction it flows.

Wheel of Fortune is also about realigning yourself with the universe. There is a greater and grander scheme at play by the universe and this card can be suggestive of becoming aware of larger scheme of life and expanding perspectives. Enlarge your personal vision consciously to things that have been sub-consciously hidden to you.

Let us look at the Wheel of Fortune in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Wheel of Fortune - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Wheel of Fortune in love reading denotes good luck or positive changes. You could be looking to move to the next phase of your relationship viz. engagement, marriage, children, etc. This will be a significant turning point for you and your partner. Be open to all possibilities and opportunities that the universe throws up to you.

This card could also indicate the starting of a new project or venture with your partner.

There could be some travel with your partner and there is a very happy and positive phase coming in your relationship.

Love Reading for Singles

As a single, you could be meeting someone new with the Wheel of Fortune. Ask the universe with clarity, and the universe will work on your behalf. So be clear on what you ask for and seek in your partner and relationship.

This is a card of destiny and therefore, could indicate a soulmate entering your life. Remember to go with the flow as things are happening for your best. Do not jump ahead while dating, relish the dating phase, and let things progress organically.

Wheel of Fortune - Career & Finance

Wheel of Fortune in career is a great omen. It signifies a positive phase coming up in your career. This could be in terms of your roles, responsibilities or monetary situation.

If you have been looking to move to a new job, or start your own business, this is a good sign.

Financially, you could be in for some change of luck. Things are turning in your favour monetarily and your financial situation could turn for the better.  Remember that the wheel could also be turning for the worse. So, if you doing comfortably in life, this might be a warning of some tough times. In that case, be mindful of your expenses and investments and exercise financial prudence.

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