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The ethos of Divine Tarot Card Reading...

Updated: Apr 6

In an age where we tend to believe more in rationality and science, divine tarot card reading can come across as archaic and probably foolish.


How exactly can one expect a divine tarot card reading with a bunch of cards speak about one's past, present, or future. And yet, tarot even today captivates the curious and offers solace to its seekers. Why tarot, you might wonder, in an age where logic and reason reign supreme? Here, we delve into this fascinating world of tarot, trying to dig deeper into the reasons behind its popularity and the profound insights it can offer.

If one understands a tarot deck, it is filled with enormous amounts of symbolism and meanings. It is really amazing as to how much one card can speak. And then place it with more cards in a spread, and behold, stories flow out of them. Ask a tarot reader and they will brim over the insights the cards and spreads offer in answering questions that are thrown at them, which also mostly resonates with the querent.

1. Why Tarot is a Window to the Subconscious

Most people who have been through a tarot reading have experienced a very revealing and deep experience. Many times we are unaware of our feelings and apprehensions which are somewhere buried deep in our sub-conscious. This process can be pretty transformative as it helps us reflect and introspect.

By laying out the cards, we get deep insights into our lives that guide us better to make decisions. Remember, tarot is not necessarily predictive like astrology. But rather tarot helps us understand our strengths and fears to guide us in the right direction for life’s challenges.

2. Why Tarot is a Connection to Intuition

We hardly use our intuition these days. With the daily grind and stress and rush to keep pace with work, chores, and other responsibilities, we forget to stay in touch with our inner selves, our soul, our spirit. Have you felt at times that something is just missing? This 'something' could very well be your connection with your soul. This also distances us from our innate intuitive abilities.

Divine tarot reading gives us space to contemplate and self-reflect, allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom. Looking at the cards and intuitively understanding their meanings leads to a deeper connection with your instincts, strengthening the divine connection and connection with your spirit guide.

3. Why Tarot is a Source of Guidance when Things seem Uncertain

Ambiguity is a constant in life. At times dealing with this ambiguity can get quite heavy on the heart and mind. A sense of not knowing can be delusional, cause stress and a sense of losing direction. These are times when we yearn for guidance and clarity.

Divine Tarot carries very deep meanings within its images and symbols. These offer a lot of messages and guidance that can help us navigate life's twists and turns. This could be a general direction, or something specific about a difficult life decision, a transition, or such, divine tarot card readings can provide useful perspectives and a sense of forward movement.

4. Why Divine Tarot is an Art of Storytelling

Tarot reading is as unique as it gets. The cards and their spreads weave narratives that unfold like a unique story every time. Each card speaks of different characters, challenges, advice and opportunities based on the query. Further, every reading can be interpreted by different readers with different meanings at different times. This is the vastness of tarot reading. This storytelling aspect of tarot is not only engaging but also powerful for exploring sub-conscious narratives in our own lives. It allows us to reframe our experiences, see patterns, and gain a deeper understanding of our personal journeys.

5. Why Tarot is a Source of Inspiration

In a very simple sense, tarot cards can simply be viewed as works of art. The intricate designs, colours and historical significance of tarot decks make them a source of inspiration for artists, writers, and creative professionals. Many people collect tarot decks not just for readings but also as a form of artistic expression and appreciation.

Divine Tarot Card Reading in Summary

Where we are driven by logic and reason, divine tarot card can seem a little drifted. However, tarot reading has stood the test of time for over two centuries. It has shown ability to unravel hidden depths of the human psyche and provide guidance in times of uncertainty.  It has helped us connect with our intuition to progress on our personal growth. Whether you approach tarot as a mystical art or a means of gaining insight, its enduring allure remains a testament to the enduring human quest for meaning and understanding in the mysteries of life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to do a tarot reading?

Firstly, you need a tarot deck that you resonate with. Cleanse the energy of the cards with incense and meditate before a reading. Depending on the question, decide the spread to use. Keep the questions focused and decide the spread beforehand. Shuffle and pull out cards for each question and interpret the card meanings through their imagery, numbers and symbolism. Read more in this article on Tarot Background.

How accurate are tarot readings?

Tarot readings are meant to be experienced and believed in. Tarot reading outcomes are dynamic (unlike astrology) and can change with energies and actions taken. But tarot can be very accurate in reading your energies and giving you the right advice and direction in life.


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