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108 Tarot Questions To Ask A Tarot Deck During Your Next Reading

Updated: Apr 6

Tarot is often confused with astrology and a Tarot Deck is generally considered to be a form of fortune telling cards.

Question Mark, 108 Tarot Questions

But tarot is so much deeper than that. A tarot deck can be used as an instrument to ask very subjective questions that will get us thinking deeper about ourselves and our lives.

How many tarot cards are in a deck? Generally, 78 - The rider waite tarot deck is the most popular tarot deck and is used extensively by most tarot readers.

The 78 cards, of the rider waite tarot deck, in various combinations can give such in depth guidance to one’s questions. If only one can ask the right questions.

Tarot is a tool for introspection. Even considered divine communication by believers. Tarot can give one a sense of direction.

While tarot card reading can definitely be used to ask general and specific questions about one’s love, relationships, career, etc., in the true sense, tarot’s capabilities are so much more profound, provided you are able to ask the right questions.

The right question can scratch the surface of something more discerning, that you may not have thought of otherwise.

Some readers advise against seeking plain yes no answers. However, these could also be

useful and you can take a personal call on whether that is the response you need from tarot to help you.

But one should try to expand the scope of the questions, to allow more personalized and unbridled messages to come through. The idea is to give tarot the leeway to expand its insights to offer you the best solutions.

So let us look at 108 deep questions you could ask tarot to get the best advice out of it.

I. Love

1. Why am I still single?

2. Why don’t relationships work for me?

3. What do I need to do to find my soulmate?

4. How do I get over my ex?

5. I am finding it difficult to open my heart to love, what should I do?

6. What do I need to know to make my love life more thriving?

7. What are the challenges on my way to finding true love?

8. What negativity do I bring to a relationship that is not working for me?

9. Why am I attracting the wrong people into my life?

10. How will I know if I have already met my soulmate or when I meet him/her in future?

11. What is coming towards me in love?

12. What should I let go of to find love?

II. Relationships

13. How do I overcome the challenges of my current relationship?

14. What can I do to make my relationship stronger?

15. What are the patterns in my relationship that I need to know and work on?

16. Why do I keep hitting against relationship problems?

17. How do I deal with co-dependency?

18. How can I add more value to my relationships?

19. I am in a toxic relationship; how do I deal with it?

20. What is my partner’s energy towards me and this relationship?

21. What is my energy towards my partner and this relationship?

22. I am going through a divorce / separation; how do I deal with it?

23. Why am I not getting married?

24. My ex is creating issues in my relationship; how do I deal with it?

III. Family

25. Am I ready to grow my family?

26. How can I better connect with my family?

27. What do I need to know about my family situation?

28. What is my family expecting out of me, that I need to work on?

29. I am having constant conflicts with a family member, what should I do about it?

30. How do I strengthen my relationship with a family member?

31. What is coming towards us as a family?

32. What are the challenges in my family, that I need to pay attention to?

33. What can I do to help me be a better spouse / child / parent / sibling / friend?

34. We are thinking of getting a pet; what should I know about this?

35. Why am I feeling isolated by my family members?

36. Why am I feeling disconnected with my family members?

IV. Job

37. I am a fresher out of college, what kind of jobs will work best for me?

38. I am not growing in my job, what should I do?

39. My workplace is very toxic, what should I do?

40. What should I focus on to get a promotion in my job?

41. What leadership skills should I focus on to grow in my job?

42. I am feeling stagnant in my job, should I stay or look for a new job?

43. What qualities of mine are working in my job?

44. What qualities of mine are working against me in my job?

45. My boss is not being supportive of me, what can I do?

46. I am having team issues at work; how can I deal with it?

47. Is there a new opportunity out there for me?

48. Is my current job leading me towards my career goals?

V. Career

49. I am confused on what career path to take, please guide.

50. Should I be in a job or entrepreneurship?

51. What action should I take to propel my career forward?

52. Is there anything blocking me from reaching full potential in my career?

53. What are my weaknesses to work on to help grow my career?

54. Can I make a career change at this point of time?

55. I am dissatisfied with my career growth; How can I change it?

56. Am unable to balance my career and personal life; please advise.

57. Will my career bring me monetary growth?

58. What is coming towards me in my career?

59. What am I overlooking about my career?

60. What lessons is my career trying to teach me?

VI. Business

61. Should I do my own business along with my job?

62. I would like to get into my own business; Is that right for me?

63. My business is not growing; what can I do?

64. I am having issues with my customers; how can I deal with it?

65. My vendors are not aligned with me; what should I do?

66. What is coming towards me in my business?

67. What can I do to grow my business to the next level?

68. How do I improve my relationship with my employees?

69. What are my employees’ energies towards me?

70. What is it that I am not seeing about my business?

71. Should I expand my business overseas or to new markets?

72. Should I sell my business at this point?

VII. Money & Finance

73. I am feeling a lot of financial stress, how can I deal with it?

74. I just lost all my investments; how do I move ahead?

75. What should I do to grow my wealth?

76. Is there any upcoming financial crisis I should be aware of?

77. Can I invest my money in my business? Is that a good financial decision?

78. Should I be taking a loan or liability for meeting a certain purchase or expense?

79. What financial lesson do I need to know?

80. What should I do to improve my financial situation?

81. What should I focus on to make more money this year?

82. Should I be making risky investments this year?

83. Will my business grow in valuation?

84. Will I be able to raise funds for my business?

VIII. Health

85. What should I do to improve my health?

86. I am suffering from a particular health concern; how should I deal with it?

87. My family is struggling with a health issues; what should I do to improve the situation?

88. What is coming towards me on health?

89. What can I do to feel better every day?

90. I am unable to sleep; what can I do about it?

91. I am going through anxiety; what should I do?

92. Why do I keep having a particular health problem, and should I do to deal with it?

93. What issues am I ignoring with respect to my health currently?

94. What should I change about my current lifestyle to make it healthier?

95. I am unable to cope with a health issue, what should I do?

96. What is blocking me from being my healthiest best?

IX. Soul and Spirituality

97. How can I find my soul purpose?

98. What lessons I need to be aware of in my spiritual growth?

99. What is standing in the way of my spiritual growth?

100. What are my fears that are holding me back?

101. How do I look after my soul?

102. I don’t feel aligned with my life purpose; what should I do?

103. How can I improve my self-confidence and self-esteem?

104. What can I do to feel more self-love and indulge in more self-care? What is stopping me?

105. What should I do to feel more content and purposeful in life?

106. What challenges should I be aware of in my personal growth?

107. Is my chosen career path aligned with my spiritual growth?

108. How do I connect better with my higher good self?

108 Questions to ask a Tarot Deck

Whether you seek a tarot reader or become your own tarot life coach, you are now equipped with the best types of questions to ask tarot. So go ahead and put your best question forward!


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