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Oracle Cards vs Tarot: What’s the difference?

Updated: May 12

Have you ever thought about those fancy-looking cards with pictures and coded messages?  All these are for divination, a high sounding term that suggests they can help you to know more about your life.

Oracle Cards

There are two main types – Tarot and Oracle cards. Both of them have their own features but they differ in terms of how they work. So, which one suits you better?

Tarots: The Classic Handbook

Tarot card reading with a tarot deck is like an ancient book of wisdom. It has 78 cards: Major Arcana for major life lessons (such as The Emperor or The Star); Minor Arcana to address everyday situations (for instance, Cups or Wands).

Their meanings are a maze of many messages and symbols. You simply memorize them and then use your intuition for what works with the question posed.

Shuffle the deck, draw some random card at random and interpret its meaning. They speak of what is happening around and what might happen next.

It seems like something you would enjoy if:

  • You prefer when things are structured clearly.

  • You find delight in gaining knowledge of a certain system.

  • You need insights into different aspects of your life.

Oracle Cards: The Freestyle Acquaintance

Imagine oracle cards as a colorful box containing prompt cards. There is no required way! A pack may comprise between thirty and one hundred pieces each having unique pictures and messages.

The interpretation depends on your inner voice only. For example, how do you feel when you see a rainbow with the word “Hope” written on it? That’s your message!

It sounds appealing if:

  • You want a more fluid and creative approach.

  • You need immediate answers or advice.

  • There is a specific theme that attracts you (e.g., crystals or animals).

So which one should I go with?

Absolutely nothing is good or bad.  If you are a beginner, it can be easier to work with oracle cards. 

However, tarot becomes more potent after you get the hang of it.

What is the best way to decide?  Take various decks and hold them in your hands. Pay attention to the one that resonates with your intestines most. That’s the one!


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