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Tarot Card Reading Online: Pros and Cons

Feeling lost?  Seeking some instant guidance? 

Tarot card reading online

Tarot cards have been around for centuries. But now, with options for tarot card reading online, the opportunities are endless.

Tarot card reading is a source of guidance and reflection. Thanks to the internet, getting a tarot reading is easier than ever. But is tarot card reading online right for you?

Let's weigh the pros and cons!

Pros of Tarot Card Reading Online:

1. Convenience at your Click

Now you can do an online tarot reading with a click on your phone or laptop. How convenient is that? No more worrying about scheduling appointments or travel time. You can get a quick and easy reading right then and there. Online readings offer flexibility. They can be done via chat, video call, or even email.

2. Wider Reader Pool and Accessibility

The globe is your canvas with online tarot readings. You could choose a tarot reader based in the other side of the world, if she or he is whom you choose based on the information available to you.

Whether you're in an overcrowded city or a remote countryside, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access tarot card reading online. This accessibility is very beneficial for those living in areas where physical tarot readers may be scarce and limited.

3. Sometimes, Text is Better

Text creates records for future reference. At times, these readings make a lot more sense in hindsight.

4. Instant guidance

Online tarot readings that are automated can give instant guidance. Talk of instant gratification in today’s world. No more wait time until you appointment is due.

Cons of Tarot Card Reading Online

5. Can the Energy Translate?

A big part of a tarot reading is the energy between the reader and the querent (that's you!).  Sometimes this connection can weaken in an online process.

6. Is it Legit?

Automated readings can be inaccurate and inauthentic. Do your research and read reviews. Even tarot readers online can be frauds who may not know the art of tarot reading in depth.

7. Lack of intuition

Intuition is the base of tarot reading. In an online reading that is machine driven, intuition is almost always missing.

If you do an tarot card reading online with a reader, it might be difficult to get instinctive with the tarot cards as you may not be able to see the cards clearly through the screen.

8. Technical glitches

Connectivity issues or technical glitches can disrupt online tarot card readings, leading to an incomplete or unsatisfactory experience. Further, any online tarot reading through zoom or other video conference needs a seamless connectivity to get the best experience and avoid interruptions to the flow of the reading.

So, should you try a tarot card reading online?

Do read through my earlier article on free online tarot readings. In any case, I highly recommend free online readings. As there is a big question mark on their veracity.

If you are doing a paid reading, choose your tarot reader wisely. Again I recommend doing an online reading with a living person than an automated machine. Intuition is a big part of any tarot reading for getting the right messages.

Now should you do it?

Only you can decide! If you're curious and open to the experience, it is a wonderful experience.

But remember, tarot is a guide, not a fortune teller. You are the author of your own story!


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