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Marriage Tarot Reading - Is Marriage on the Cards for You?

Updated: Apr 6

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I have been one of those who has herself been to astrologers and tarot card readers in the past for marriage tarot reading, with the question, Is marriage on the cards for me? And if yes, when?

We do live under societal pressures to get married. For some it is the loneliness of being single.

I do believe that happiness should begin with oneself, and love happens when you start loving yourself and stop chasing an external form of love.  

And yet, when we are under pressure to find someone, and fall in love, curiosity leads us to explore the mysteries of our future.

Especially, when it comes to matters of the heart, there's no shortage of questions. We just want to know. If you have been in a relationship that hasn't worked out, you might also want to read this article on reconciliation - Will he call me tarot?

One popular method people turn to for insights into their romantic destiny is marriage tarot card reading. In this blog, we'll take a straightforward journey into the realm of tarot, shedding light on whether marriage is in the cards for you.

Marriage Tarot Reading: The Right Spread:

When looking at tarot card reading for marriage, think of what spread you would like to use. General spreads such as horseshoe or Celtic cross can be used, but it might help to tailor your spread to get specific insights on love and marriage.

One example is given below. But feel free to simply curate something of your own depending on the questions one may have.

What are the most essential aspects to understand to get guidance on love and one’s potential future or marriage?  That is what we cover in the below spread

Remember that tarot reading is typically a reading for the short term viz. about 1-3 months (at times going up to 6 months). Also, it gives messages based on certain underlying dynamics or situations which could in itself can change, thus changing the actual outcome.

Therefore, marriage tarot reading should be considered as advice or guidance rather than a prediction of marriage. What can you do to manifest your desired outcome? Alternatively, if something is not meant to be at that time, there could be underlying messages for you on finding your life purpose or focusing inwards before looking outwards for love.

Here's a breakdown of the key positions in a 6 cards marriage tarot spread:

Marriage Tarot Spread
  1. Current Status: What is the current status of your relationship? Are there certain dynamics or challenges that are impacting or influencing your relationship significantly? And if yes, are those positive or negative?

  2. Obstacles: There could be a slight overlap of this card with the first card. At times this card could be reinforcing the messages of the first card if there are some serious challenges to be addressed.

  3. Emotional Connection: Here we can understand the emotional connection between you and your partner. What are the messages here regarding the emotional state of your relationship?

  4. Future Commitment: Very simply, this card peeps into the likelihood of a future commitment or readiness for a commitment.  This card signifies the possibility of an engagement or marriage.

  5. External Influences: External factors, such as family or societal expectations, can play a role in your relationship. This card throws light on these influences.

  6. Advice: The advice card provides guidance on how to navigate the current situation and move towards a more committed future.

Interpreting Marriage Tarot Cards:

There are some common cards that can tend to appear in a marriage tarot reading. Let us take a glimpse at them and understand their basic interpretations:

  • The Lovers: This card can literally bring cheer to the reading in a marriage tarot reading. Quite literally, from a layman’s perspective, this is a partnership and hence is very auspicious to receive in a marriage tarot reading. It shows a deep connection and a committed relationship full of love and companionship.

  • Two of Cups: Similar to the Lovers, this card can speak of a balanced and equal partnership, one that has mutual love and respect. This is also generally considered to be a soulmate card. Hence, can be indicative of a potential marriage or a romantic connection that could lead to marriage.

  • The Hierophant: This is a classic card symbolizing marriage. As the Hierophant represents traditions and customs, this card can indicate the happening of a traditional and customary ritual of marriage. There is a strong possibility of a formal union in a very structured or traditional sense of the world.

  • Three of Pentacles: This card signifies collaboration and teamwork, suggesting that building a life together is in the cards.

  • Ten of Cups: Known as the "happily ever after" card, the Ten of Cups foretells a fulfilling and joyful relationship, possibly leading to marriage.

  • Ten of Pentacles: Again a family card, this card shows different generations of a family in one image. This is again reflective of families and a potential marriage

  • Four of Wands: The imagery of this card resembles a Hindu mandap of marriage. This card therefore, can symbolize marriage for someone looking to take their relationship to the next level. It shows joy and celebrations signifying engagement or marriage.

Conclusion: Tarot Card Predictions for Marriage:

Think of marriage tarot readings as a life coach directing you on what life path you need to take to manifest love and marriage. Read here for 10 things to know about marriage tarot reading.

Again to reiterate, keep in mind that tarot readings, unlike astrology, are not carved in stone predictions, but rather a tool for gaining deeper insights into one’s life direction.

Try it out with an open mind and be ready to surprise yourself with the messages that come out for you. Whether the cards reveal a clear path to marriage or highlight areas for growth, use these messages to nurture and strengthen yourself or your relationship.

And so to conclude, did my tarot readings come out right. Yes and no. Yes in terms of the guidance the readings offered, things I needed to work on before I could find my soulmate. And No in terms of the longer timelines that tarot suggested for marriage.

Like I said, tarot is more of a short term guidance and do not look at tarot for accurate predictions on marriage or timelines. But read the advice and work on your challenges to manifest true love into your life.


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