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Three of Wands

Updated: Feb 19

Three of Wands is the logical next step to the Two of Wands. The man who was within the confines of his castle, acknowledging his power and deciding on the path to take has now come out. He is at the edge of the land, looking into the horizon.

Three of Wands Tarot

Three of Wands Meaning - General

Moving from Two of Wands, Three of Wands brings in a lot of enthusiasm, excitement, and energy for the times to come.

Three of Wands could mean start of a journey, a path to take that has been chosen after much deliberation. But you have been very confident about treading this path. This could very well be the point of no return. A small window left for you to turn back and return. But that seems distant as the person appears ready to move forward.

This card signifies a new beginning, the start of a dream turning into reality. The journey is getting started, and so the excitement is high, but there is a lot of work to be done. You are ready to explore the unknown, spread your wings and experience life unabated. At times, leaving the secured and safe behind in search of something different serves you better.

There is a sense of freedom, self-confidence and self-belief. Foresight and forward planning are advised. You have a powerful sense of intuition and listen to your instincts while you take actions.

Three of Wands in tarot also indicates growth, expansion and possible emigration to a foreign land. There could be travel as well.

Let us look at the Three of Wands in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Three of Wands Love

Love Reading for Relationships

For those in a relationship, Three of Wands is a positive card of growth and progress. You could be deciding to move out to a different country together. Or this card could suggest a holiday abroad.

For some, Three of Wands in love could indicate a long-distance relationship.

If you have been facing challenges in the relationship, this card advises you to take ownership and leadership of the situation to find a solution to the problem.

Overall, Three of Wands is a very positive card for those in a relationship, as it suggests a positive phase, forward movement and growth and maturity in the relationship.

Love Reading for Singles

Three of Wands in love for singles evokes a sense of freedom. This could signify enjoying singledom and the freedom that comes with it. You are ready to explore life to its fullest without being bogged down by the feeling of being alone.

For some, this card could indicate a travel romance, or meeting with someone and starting a relationship during a travel holiday.

Three of Wands Career & Finance

If you are looking at moving abroad for work, this is your card! The Three of Wands in career is about travel and expansion.

If you have your own venture of business, you could be looking to expand geographies. Alternatively, you might be looking to partner with someone to seek new growth opportunities.

This is a good time to shake things up a bit, do things out of the ordinary, be bold and choose daring and adventurous options to push for growth. You have the foresight and leadership abilities to be able to steer your team to new heights.

On the monetary front, you could be reaping the rewards of previous hard work and choices made. Your decisions are serving you well and money is growing. You might want to use some part of this wealth for a holiday or travel abroad.

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