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Three of Cups

Updated: Feb 19

Three of Cups depicts a group of people celebrating and having fun - a very celebratory card.

Three of Cups Tarot

Three of Cups Meaning - General

There are some similarities of the Three of Cups with the Two of Cups, and some differences. Let us first explore those.

  • We saw Two of Cups being about two people. In contrast, Three of Cups is about a group of people.

  • Two of Cups was about balance, Three of Cups tarot could err on the side of indulgence.

  • Two of Cups was more intimate, Three of Cups is relatively more collective.

Despite the above differences, both the cards stand for coming together of people – a sort of reunion. There is positive energy and a good feeling that comes with meeting people you feel oneness with.

Now let us see the meaning of Three of Cups.

This is a card that could signify sort of new beginnings. New energies that are positive and celebratory.

Three of Cups is symbolic of creativity. It suggests wearing our emotional and creative cap in any tasks that we do. The overall atmosphere is very inspiring and encouraging that brings out your best potential.

This could also indicate a very social phase of your life that involves meeting, networking, and catching up with family, friends or generally people in your common groups or community.

Let us look at the Three of Cups in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Three of Cups Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Three of Cups in love is a positive card for relationships. This signifies some celebrations. Therefore, if you are looking to move into the next phase of your relationship, this is a positive signal.

There could be an engagement, marriage, baby shower or some celebration. There is sharing of joy, happiness and exuberance.

You could also be hosting your family or friends as a couple at home and having a lot of get-togethers.

As the negative connotation, this card could signify that one of the partners is probably prioritizing friends over the relationship. Or is overindulging in parties at the cost of the relationship. Look for supporting cards for more information on this.

Love Reading for Singles

Three of Cups in love for singles could suggest a new endeavour in love that arises from a party, some kind of get-together, or a reunion party.

If you are not looking for love, you could be busy catching up with friends or attending reunions of your school, college or an old workplace.

Three of Cups could suggest a traditional way of dating. And therefore, could indicate more physical meetings to find your soulmate, rather than modern online dating apps.

Three of Cups Career & Finance

Three of Cups suggests success at workplace that demands a celebration. There is recognition and an overall atmosphere of joy and support for each other.

The sense of team spirit is very high, and this is fostering a very fun environment to work in.

Three of Cups could also be indicative of a new job opportunity or a new role in your existing organization, which leads to some celebration.

Be careful not to overindulge your money on partying. Moderate excesses and tighten your purse strings where needed. Although, overall, Three of Cups suggests an easy situation as far as money is concerned. You are not too worried about it and things are going well financially.

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