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Understanding Court Cards in Tarot

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Before we start understanding the meaning of each of the Court Card in tarot, it will help to look at the general overview of what each royal figure in the court cards stand for.

Court Cards are considered metaphoric of people. And so, when applying the meaning of a court card to a reading, separate the meanings out as applicable to a person or a situation.

Chess, Court Cards Tarot


Pages are generally considered as messengers. They are the youngest of the four royal figures in the tarot deck. Mostly equated with children or young teenagers, the Pages do not wield much power or influence on their own. And therefore, one needs to look for the surrounding cards for more direction.

Pages can be thought of as slightly passive than the rest of the 3 court card figures. They represent an idea or communication rather than action.

Pages are the first card in the court card suit and the youngest of the four royal figures. So, they can be considered to bring about a beginning of some sorts.


Knights are generally considered the young adults of the court cards, brimming with young and dynamic energy.

Knights are about news, movement, action, and revelations. Knights in a tarot reading will generally be indicative of an action or some major changes (even challenges).

Remember that a Knight is never about an outcome. Knights are in movement on a horse, and therefore, represent a journey or a path.

They can be considered slightly more mature than Pages, and yet they can be brutish with their young and inexperienced adult energy. Thus, a Knight, with less evolved energy, are slightly extreme and intense in the suit that they represent.

When a Knight appears, there could be two ways to interpret the card. If you have no or less of the attributes that the Knight symbolizes, the card could be a message to imbibe some of the characteristics of that Knight. On the contrary, if you resonate with the features of the Knight more closely, it might be a message to balance things out.

Overall, Knights are about opportunity and change.

Queens & Kings

A Queen and King in Tarot are considered the power couple in their respective suits.

Both Kings and Queens represent the pinnacle of maturity, masters of the suit, highly evolved and powerful individuals. They are both symbols of maturity and are better halves of each other.

Having said that, the Queen is considered to be a person younger than the King by age. Therefore, typically the Queen is projected a notch below the King. Remember this is not to do with gender, but more representative of the evolution process – mental, emotional and spiritual (not physical).

These cards are gender neutral. And either card can represent a man or a woman. But from a tarot reading perspective, Queens evoke messages related to feminine energies, whereas Kings relate more to masculine energies.

Queens can be more nurturing and compassionate, while Kings are more dominating, protecting and in command.

Also, the Queen can be symbolic of our need to focus on ourselves and our responsibility to ourselves. In contrast, the King has responsibilities towards others and the outside world.

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