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Yes or No Tarot

Feeling stuck and unsure which way to go? Here’s your quick guide – Yes or No Tarot.

Yes or No Tarot

Sometimes, all we need is a yes-no answer. We don’t wish to have long advices and guidance. A simple yes or no can benefit us immensely.

So, let’s give it to you then. Yes or No Tarot readings are here to guide you with a quick and clear nudge in the right direction.

Yes or No Tarot are different from the regular full blown tarot spreads, Here we seek a simple answer with a single card.

Yes. It’s like a quick dip of fries into your favourite sauce for the perfect meal.

Understanding Yes or No Tarot:

Yes or No Tarot is a form of tarot card reading that focuses on providing a very straightforward answer to specific yes or no question.

Unlike more complex tarot spreads, which offer nuanced interpretations, Yes or No Tarot aims to offer a clear affirmative or negative response. Remember, the answer at times, can also be blurred, signifying a ‘maybe’.

Practical Illustrations of Yes or No Tarot using imagery meanings:

Let's explore three practical examples using our favourite Rider-Waite deck:

1. The Fool Card (Yes): 

Suppose you ask the tarot whether you should start a new business. Drawing The Fool card signifies a resounding "yes."  The Fool is the first card of the deck and stands for new beginnings. The Fool is also about starting things on a clean slate without worrying too much about the outcome.

2. The Tower Card (No): 

Imagine now that your question is about continuing to invest in a failing project or relationship.

Drawing The Tower card mean a firm "no." The Tower signifies false foundations. And therefore, something that can come crashing down.

This card could is about sudden upheavals, chaos, and impending drastic changes.

Now if your question is about whether you should pursue a new job opportunity or a new relationship.

The Wheel of Fortune card may indicate a "maybe" or a need to just go with the flow (rather than taking action one way or the other). This card represents cycles, luck, and unforeseen changes – for the positive or negative. Go with the flow and adapt to life as it happens.

Yes or No Tarot using nature of imagery rather than meanings:

One could also read yes or no by simply evaluating whether the card drawn is a positive or negative card. For instance –

1. Temperance (Yes)

Now if your question relates to continuing in your current job, the Temperance card, without reading deeper into its meaning, is a positive card and could indicate a “Yes”.

2. Ten of Wands (No)

On the other hand, Ten of Wands for the same question can mean a “No” given its darker nature.

Beyond Rider-Waite:

Yes or No Oracle

There are simpler Yes No Oracle decks that can be simpler as well. My personal favourite is Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Answers. It has a simple Yes or No cards, and also other supporting advice cards such as ‘Don’t Stop’ or ‘There is something better’ that tilt towards a Yes or No but with more reassurance.


Yes or No Tarot reading is helpful, but do not take it rigidly. If the answer feels off, try rephrasing your question. But remember use your gut in this, do not redraw to get the answer your desire.

So next time you find yourself in a yes-or-no conundrum, give Yes or No Tarot a try. It might just be the nudge you need to step forward with confidence!


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