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King of Cups and Queen of Cups

Updated: Feb 19

King of Cups and Queen of Cups are a power couple under the water element and better halves of each other. They display similar qualities and yet have certain meanings specific to them. So, let us understand the Queen and King together.

King of Cups tarot

King of Cups and Queen of Cups Meaning - General

As a Person

King of Cups and Queen of Cups represent people who are in touch and at peace with their emotions.

They are peaceful, artistic, and creative. They are also very loving, romantic and carry a genuine desire to understand.  They are good listeners and empathetic.

On the downside, they can tend to be moody, melancholic, and too sentimental or sensitive. They can tend to hold grudges and find it difficult to forgive and move on.

As a Situation

As a situation, King of Cups and Queen of Cups can symbolize the need to embody the traits of this King and Queen.

These are cards that advise you to follow your heart in case of a decision to be made. Trust your instincts and take a heart-centered approach to situations.

These cards can also indicate spiritual fulfillment or taking steps for attaining the same.

Queen of Cups Tarot

Queen of Cups Meaning – Specific

Queen of Cups is sitting on the edge of the sea (unlike the King who is in the middle of it). This symbolizes taking an outside perspective to our thoughts and emotions. She seems to be calm and composed, and in touch with her inner self.

Queen of Cups is the perfect nurturing mother that we typically project mothers as. You are an emotional bedrock and don’t get overwhelmed by the ups and downs of life.

This card also suggests getting in touch with your intuitive side. Listen to your heart and not your mind.

King of Cups Meaning – Specific

King of Cups is sitting on a throne that is floating on choppy waters. This symbolizes that this King has mastered his emotional state of mind and is in full control of it.

If the King of Cups appears in your reading, and you are facing some challenge in life, this is an advice to tame your emotional mind and be calm and composed in your approach to life’s obstacles.

Despite being a king, he balances his heart with his authority. He maintains his emotional balance and is a compassionate person who treats his subjects with empathy and love.

Let us look at King of Cups and Queen of Cups in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

King of Cups and Queen of Cups - Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Queen of Cups

King of Cups

Queen of Cups is a message to look for emotional fulfillment in a relationship. Be honest and open, caring and giving to your partner.

There is a lot of emotional comfort with this card in the relationship. Primarily your own internal composure helps you in growing and nurturing this relationship.

King of Cups represents a good father, husband or partner.  He provides emotional support to his family.

With this card, there is an abundance of love, romance and joy in the relationship.

This person could be either you or your partner, who is emotionally mature about the relationship and values it.

Love Reading for Singles

Queen of Cups

King of Cups

Queen of Cups in love for singles can denote someone with the traits of this queen entering your life.

This card can indicate a new romance. This is a message to go out there and socialize with new people.

Use your intuition in knowing who is right for you.

King of Cups in love for singles can denote someone with the traits of this king entering your life.

This can also be a message for you to master your emotions before you seek out new love.

King of Cups and Queen of Cups - Career & Finance

Queen of Cups

King of Cups

Queen of Cups in a career reading is a message to prioritize emotional fulfillment in your work rather than materialism.

If you are freshly looking for a job or making a career change, a healing, caring or creative profession could be suitable and fulfilling for you.

Financially, you are in a sound financial position. However, money isn’t everything for you at this point. You are open to giving and donating, if that brings you emotional satisfaction.

King of Cups in career is someone who balances his emotional state of mind with work. He has mastered this skill and doesn’t get swayed by petty challenges or obstacles.

This is also a card that advises to use diplomacy and wisdom in your work situations.

You will be liked by one and all at work, and they might turn to you for guidance and direction.  

Financially, this could indicate financial security arising out of your sound judgment. However, you might not be too focused on your financial goals at this point. Try and find that balance between your emotional and financial goals.

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