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Money Tarot Card Reading - 9 Tarot Cards That Speak of Financial Crisis

Updated: Apr 6

Money tarot card reading is a popular subject for tarot readings. Generally combined with career tarot as these two together can give a sense of direction to anyone seeking money answers.

Money is one of life’s prime strife. We pick ourselves up every morning and go about our usual hustle, all in the quest to earn money. For some, this is about sustenance, and for others this is about wealth creation.

Money, Wallet, Money tarot card reading

In the end it is about being able to survive to a certain aspired standard and quality of life. We wish to be monetarily comfortable all the time.

Financial crises have the power to create quite a bit of anxiety and emotional upheaval in people. Many of the questions directed at Tarot are about money and money matters.

Tarot card reading can often offer valuable insights on financial questions, although it might be useful to take the responses with appropriate caution and an open mind.

Here it is important to ask the right form of questions. For example, asking tarot whether a particular equity stock is a good investment, is a bad question. Remember to ask good questions, that are probing and open-ended, if you wish to get the best advice. Some guidance on asking good questions can be found here.

Money Tarot Card Reading is, therefore, not a substitute for financial advice. Tarot should rather be used for understanding patterns and approach to money, and whether they are helping us grow. Treat tarot as a tool to gain insight into our own financial behavior and seek improvements on those to make our money work better for us.

Some of the cards in tarot specifically indicate the potential or presence of financial crisis in one’s life. Let us look at some of these.

1. Death

Death Tarot

Death card in career tarot is one of the scariest cards for querents to see. It instills a sense of foreboding in us. But the card is rarely symbolic of physical, literal death.

Yet the card figuratively means the end of something and, consequently, birth of something new. Change is often unsettling for people. In a financial context, it can signify a financial loss, loss of job or closing of a business. These can all be very painful experiences. Yet, unlike death, there is nothing we can do to prevent it. Treat it as a transformation for bringing in renewal and better opportunities. Embrace them as they come, instead of resisting it, as resisting can make the process prolonged and more difficult to accept.

2. The Tower

Tower Tarot

The Tower card is about sudden chaos in life when we least expect it. It is a kind of downfall that we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy.

When this card appears, it can be symbolic of some sudden financial crisis that can catch you off-guard. It could be a crash in our financial positions and investments, such as crashing of equity markets, a huge liability suit causing bankruptcy, or alike.

The Tower card brings in a shock element, that can be upsetting at first. But there is also a hidden message here - only buildings laid on weak foundations can come crashing down under stress. If you work on laying a strong base, it can withstand sudden shocks and distress.

Thus, this is also an advice card to ensure that we are not making financial decisions that are short term or are intended for quick gains. Think long-term and ensure that all financial dealings are done with utmost propriety.

3. Three of Swords

Three of Swords

3 of Swords is a card that indicates extreme distress or pain, that can impact us at a deep emotional level.

In a financial context, Three of Swords can indicate potential loss of job, debt, or bankruptcy. If it is in context of a relationship, it can also signify huge financial commitments arising out of divorce or separation.

This is another scary card of the tarot deck. This card is a reminder that any financial distress could have a huge impact on our mental and emotional state of mind and well-being.

It is, thus, a reminder not to get so engrossed in the crisis, lest we forget to look after ourselves.

Fortunately, the circumstances indicated by this card are temporary, and hence, one will tide over these issues. But keep in mind, not to get too scarred by the happenings, and practice meditation and mindfulness to support in dealing with such crisis.

4. Five of Swords

Five of Swords

This is a card of conflict and discord; a word of caution in financial matters if it appears in a finance spread tarot.

5 of Swords indicates a very hostile environment, where one person can engage in unfair means to put the other person down. This could mean unfair or unhealthy competition in business, political motives of a colleague or boss in a job, or some family member trying to swindle money off you.

When this card appears, one needs to be mindful of unscrupulous behavior and intentions of people around them.

Remember, this card does not always point to a third person engaging in open dishonor. There is also a caution from engaging in self-sabotaging behavior in financial matters.

The best approach is to be fair in all your dealings and seek a fair and transparent solution or resolution to financial matters and conflicts.

5. Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords

9 of Swords could signify either anxiety, anguish, shame, or guilt.

Any of these emotions could apply in a financial context. The drawing of this card could indicate fear of debt, liability, job loss, damage to one’s reputation (that could have financial repercussions) or any kind of monetary instability.

The relieving aspect of this card is that the situation is, in fact, more exaggerated in one’s mind than it actually is. So, the advice is to not make a mountain out of a molehill.

If there is financial stress, the solution is at hand when you keep your worries aside, and think rationally about it.

6. Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords

10 of Swords in a finance spread tarot symbolizes utter defeat and hitting rock bottom. The person in the image is wounded by 10 swords on his back.

This sword could be a warning of a severe financial crisis. It might be advisable here to relook at your financial situation and make suitable amends to avoid complete breakdown of your financial structure.

On the positive, this card indicates nowhere to go from this point than moving up. It is dawn with a new day and new sunrise on the horizon, bringing in new hopes. It is about closing a cycle, as this is the last number card in the suit.

7. Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands

10 of Wands is a card that indicates extreme burden and shouldering of more responsibility than required. This can create a sense of burnout and feeling of being overwhelmed.

In financial aspects, it could indicate a huge debt or liability that is creating stress of repayments. It could also indicate personal or professional financial commitments that one has taken upon themselves. At times, the weight of our financial responsibilities can be staggering.

When this card shows up, we need to reassess our financial burdens. We should be open to seeking help or sharing the burden when possible. Try seeking financial counselling to lighten the stress and find ways to relieve yourself from the weight you are carrying.

8. Five of Cups

Five of Cups

5 of Cups represents disappointment and grief, it could also be indicative of mourning.

Financially, one could have suffered a huge loss in one’s career or personal life that is causing emotional distress.

But this card is also a reminder that all is not lost. There are things to salvage if we only move our focus from what has been lost.

Spot the silver lining and move ahead. Focus on your emotional healing and build up resilience for any future events that cause similar financial distress.

9. Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

5 of Pentacles in a career and finance spread tarot, in its truest sense, is a card of financial hardship and adversity.

It depicts two figures walking through the snow, feeling left out in the cold. The people walking appear poor and distraught and are isolated by the people inside the church beside them.

When this card comes up, it serves as a clear warning of financial struggles. Look out for potential job loss, or financial setbacks in one’s business or investments, or simply some unexpected expenses.

Seek help and do not let pride get in the way of resolving your financial issues. Your loved ones are standing by you, ready to see you though this period of hardship.

Can Money Tarot Card Reading Help?

A career and finance tarot spread can thus be a valuable tool in understanding potential financial crisis in our life. We can use these messages to pre-empt certain events and take precautions to avoid such situations from happening.

Some of these cards can also come in combinations. Their messages in these dark combinations can be more emphatic and you should focus on the messages coming out from such readings.

Remember, tarot is not a guarantee of a certain event happening. Also, the scale of event may be intense or feeble as compared to the reading, based on other events or outcomes shaping up.

But this can be a very useful process in our decision-making process, by giving us some guidance on our mindset and approach to our financial matters.


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