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Nine of Cups

Updated: Feb 19

The person in Nine of Cups has neatly arranged all his cups atop and is sitting smugly relishing in the moment. Is this absolute glory?

Nine of Cups Tarot

Nine of Cups Meaning - General

Nine of Cups means a dream come true – your wish fulfillment card. This card suggests a lot of success, recognition, and acknowledgement. All your goals are reaching accomplishment, and you are getting what you want.

This card indicates a high level of self-confidence and self-esteem. You feel extremely content, probably also a little smug. You are soaking in the moment and relishing the glory and success. It is a very blissful state to be in where you feel confident of yourself, and the universe seems to be shining upon you.

Nine of Cups in tarot can also relate to seeking pleasures, especially sensual ones. You could be indulging in parties, eating out sumptuous meals, drinking, going on a love making binge. Basically, you seem to pursue your senses and anything that pleases them. Be careful not to overindulge in them and moderate excesses.

Let us look at the Nine of Cups in specific contexts of a love tarot reading and career tarot reading. Remember to apply all the above general readings to the below readings as well.

Nine of Cups Love

Love Reading for Relationships

Nine of Cups in love indicates success in a relationship. You could be accomplishing things together and touching new heights of victory in things you do.

This card can signify taking the relationship to the next level, such as engagement, marriage or pregnancy and fostering a deeper connection.

There are plenty of good and fun love making. Brace for those long and sensual nights.

Guard against being selfish and pursuing selfish motives that seek to satisfy yourself at the cost of your partner.

Love Reading for Singles

With the Nine of Cups in love reading, you are shining bright. You could be attracting a lot of people into your life, people who are the right kind for you.

You have achieved a sense of emotional maturity with all your previous experiences and this allows you to choose wisely.

You are very comfortable with yourself and are ready to seek a soulmate when the time is right. If you feel that time is now, your positive energy will help you attract the right person into your life.

Nine of Cups Career & Finance

There is so much success and recognition with the Nine of Cups in career. If you have been thinking of starting something new or taking up a new role or job, this is the perfect time for it. All your wishes will be fulfilled.

Prosperity and praise will seek you out in whatever you do.

Financially, you can expect good fortune coming your way as your financial goals get realized. You might also indulge in some luxury expenses to soothe your senses.

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