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Tarot Reading: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

Are you planning to get a tarot reading for yourself?

Do's and dont's

Here are some quick and handy do’s and don’ts that will help you absorb the reading to the fullest.

Do’s of Tarot Reading

1. Come with an open mind

Having an open mind is key to tarot reading. If you are skeptical or paranoid about the process, you will not be able to make the most out of this spiritual process.

2. Ask clear questions

Remember, tarot card reading is about asking the universe / your spirit guides the right questions. Asking vague questions can receive vague answers.

3. Find a reader that you click with

Wavelength is just as important in a tarot reading. If your tarot card reader doesn’t feel right to you, you may not benefit out of the process. Do a single question reading first to test out your compatibility with the reader.

4. Feel Calm

Relax your energies before the tarot reading. If you are anxious or stressed, it might be beneficial to wait it out a couple of days before you seek out the reading.

5. Take notes (optional)

Tarot readings can make a lot of sense in hindsight. Feel free to take notes after consultation with your tarot reader for future reference.

Don’ts of Tarot Reading

6. Fear the scary cards

Dark cards are nothing to fear. In fact every dark card brings about a message of positivity for your to embibe and practise for a better future.

7. Ignore your gut feel

If a reading doesn’t resonate with your gut, rephrase the question. Remember, instincts are different from wanting the answers you desire. Go deep within to listen to your inner voice.

8. Ask yes/ no questions (preferable)

Asking the right question is also important. Questions should be guidance seeking, rather than plain yes or no questions. Yes or no tarot is also permissible, but focus on seeking wider guidance. Tarot is a very powerful tool and make the most out of it.

9. Look for answers you desire

Don’t go seeking confirmation bias. Be open minded to accept the messages the universe has to give you. Everything is for a reason and for your better good.

10. Re-do a reading within a short time

If you do not get the answers you like, do not re-do the reading immediately or though another tarot reader. This can be counter productive as you will be disrespecting the answers given by the universe earlier.


A tarot reading is a conversation, a collaboration between you and the reader. By approaching it with an open mind and respecting the process, you'll gain valuable insights and a deeper understanding of yourself.


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