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Does My Ex Think About Me?

We are often left with a host of questions after breakups, and one that frequently comes up is: "Does my ex think about me?"

does my ex think about me, lovers

Tarot & Break Ups

This is a question that resonates with many people who are experiencing the complexities of pain and recovery. However, because minds are intricate and emotions multifaceted, Tarot card reading can be used to understand these thoughts when they occur during this time of drunkenness.

For long, tarot cards have been used for self-examination and guidance in all parts of our lives, including relationships. Each card in the Tarot deck has its own meaning and interpretation, giving it a story that can reveal what lies deep inside our minds.

As we reflect on our past after breaking up with someone we love so much; tarot readings may be helpful here to clarify whether he / she still thinks about us. Now let’s see how we could expect a Tarot reading for this case study.

A Sample reading for “does my ex think about me”

While shuffling his/her cards under your question, the reader picks out three cards which symbolize healing processes surrounding your ex thinking patterns (about you) through them being related to his past, present as well as future situations.

1. Past

The first card drawn, which represents the past will tell us more about how you two started dating each other right from history till now and what remains forever etched into your memory.

Take Three of Cups, for instance; it can imply that one is holding onto memories and looking back to good times they spent with their exes.

2. Present

The card representing the present, Eight of Cups, will be interpreted as emotional withdrawal and need for introspection.

This card might mean that your ex is in a period of self-examination; he or she may have distanced themselves emotionally due to the breakup and now spends some time reflecting about their feelings towards you.

3. Future

Finally, through the future card we learn something about possible results and where your ex’s mind is going.

Pulling Ace of Swords could mean a breakthrough in communication or clarity of thought. It just means that soon enough your ex will face his or her feelings and thoughts about you, which could either deepen your understanding or find solutions.

In Parting

Nevertheless, Tarot readings should always be approached with an open mind and healthy skepticism. While there are valuable insights in tarot cards not every prediction made by them turn out to be true since such are not necessarily meant to predict our futures exactly but guide us into understanding ourselves better.

Additionally, interpretation of tarot cards varies because each reader has his/ her own intuition which guides him/ her while relating with it; thus making it subjective.

Remember, whether you move on or reconcile, healing takes time. 

Treat Tarot as a supportive friend. Take in the insights and nudges towards self care and emotional well-being.

And finally trust the universe and remember, the most important card you hold is your mental strength and power over your own future happiness.


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