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Looking for Free Tarot Reading?

Updated: May 12

Prioritize Quality Card Reading over Online Free Tarot Reading

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With many tarot readers and online websites offering a free tarot reading, it might just be very tempting and seem like a valuable opportunity. Who doesn't appreciate a complimentary service? But, when considering the areas of tarot readings, there are good reasons to say no to those.

​The primary issue with free readings lies in the potential imbalance of energies. The Tarot reader gives guidance and you receive the messages, but there is no flow of energy in reverse. When you pay for a tarot reading, you have compensated the reader for the energies invested by them into giving you the reading. Remember, payment need not be only monetary, but also in kind or exchange service. Any imbalance in energy is likely to make the reading itself inaccurate thus, failing the very purpose of doing such a reading.

Further, tarot readings demand that the reader have a good understanding of symbolism, intuition, and should have commendable spiritual insights. With a free fortune telling, the tarot reader will naturally not be as engaged with the cards as she or he would be in a paid reading.

Also remember, when you go for a free online tarot reading, these are frequently generated through automated tools or apps, delivering one-size-fits-all interpretations that are very generic and have no bearing to your personal challenge or situation. These interpretations are devoid of personal emotions and depth that a live tarot reader can provide. In tarot readings, personalization is critical because the meanings of the cards are heavily influenced by the context and the individual seeking the reading. And, a deeper exploration of one's questions and concerns is often not feasible in these settings. This can lead to missed opportunities for guidance and peace of mind that you may be seeking.

Ethical aspects are another absolutely critical point to think about. Many platforms and tarot readers offering free tarot readings may not prioritize your privacy, potentially exposing you to unwanted solicitations and even scams. The lack of ethical standards in the world of free tarot readings can lead to feelings of mistrust and discomfort.

Investing in a professional tarot reading, while it may come with a cost, can be a really transformative experience. It often involves the full attention, expertise, and dedication of a seasoned tarot reader. This investment not only supports you, but also makes you commit to your spiritual growth, leading to a more balanced energy exchange.

If you are unsure about going in for a tarot card reading, click out this checklist to know if tarot card reading can help you .

For a trusted tarot card reading experience, check out my pricing. You could go for fixed pricing packages or pay by the time, as per your comfort.

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