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Need to Move Ahead in Life? The Chariot Card Is Your Sign

Updated: Apr 6

The Chariot Card, in a tarot deck, is symbolic of a long and persistent road to success!

The Chariot Card Tarot

I had met someone in 2020. Just before the pandemic. Covid of course was a spoiler for many love relationships, with space and distance causing cracks in its very foundation.

I had been in touch with him, and yet not in touch. I had been ghosted many times, and he kept coming back. And the cycle just continued. Until after 3 years, I decided that this just needed to end.

At times, you feel the need to just move ahead in life. Someone or something causes us to feel stuck where we are. Why are we not moving ahead? Why are we feeling stagnant? Why is nothing changing? And why do we find ourselves in the same place over and over again?

What can I do to break this cycle and just get ahead? This kind of situation requires some hard decisions. It is about breaking free from something emotional that is holding us back, taking hard control of our lives.

Can you identify with any of this? Your situation is unique to you, but this is a recurring aspect for many of us.

There is one tarot card in the deck of 78 cards that best signifies that it is time to move on - The Chariot card. This is your beacon of hope in a tarot card reading. A clear message to pick yourself up and move ahead. Let us see how and explore The Chariot tarot card meaning.

The Chariot Card

The Chariot is the 8th card in the Major Arcana and corresponds to the number 7. It is considered one of the most positive cards in the tarot deck.

Number 7

The number ‘7’ stands for victory in The Chariot tarot card, although a hard and long one. It is about self-reflection and truth. Getting to the truth and depth of things to do what is right. There are no short cuts, there are only a right path to follow. 7 is also about being perceptive about things. Not being myopic but thinking way ahead of ourselves. Thinking and doing things to ensure long term success and strong foundations today towards that goal.

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning through Imagery

Like a true to world life, The Chariot tarot card has a lot of contradicting parts –

  • The warrior in the image has two horses – a black horse and a white horse. A white horse is generally associated with innocence and purity. It is about the elegance with which we live our lives. It is also symbolic of good fortune. The black horse, on the other hand, can represent mystery and power. It can also be associated with overcoming obstacles using hard power and force and coming out victorious on the other side.

  • The two horses are moving in different directions. This is unfortunately a part of our lives. Different objectives, goals, people and situations keep pulling us in different directions. If we allow this, we will never be able to move ahead. We will stay where we are feeling stagnant and stuck. The Warrior uses his prowess and authority to bring the horses in unison and make them progress in a single direction.

  • The Warrior carries a yellow star (the sun) in his crown and moon on his shoulder armory. The Sun and Moon again is contradicting of the presence and absence of light, enlightenment and mystery, optimism and doubt. When the warrior is able to overcome all these contradicting emotions, he will be able to steer ahead towards victory.

Move Ahead with the Chariot Card

The chariot card is a typical card that brings together the yin and yang of life. There is no bigger truth than this in The Chariot tarot meaning.

This is, of course, not an easy place to be in. It is challenging and out of the ordinary to get so many opposite forces to work together in alignment towards your goals.

This is why determination, perseverance and self-assertion are important qualities of the Warrior. He doesn’t give up and is persistent towards moving ahead. This could mean being a lot more in control of your emotions and exhibiting strength and authority in one’s actions. Declare what you want, and you shall definitely make it happen for yourself.

Moving on needs some hard actions and will-power to stick through our path and decisions. Whether this is about your career or relationships, there are some tough decisions to make here and hurdles to cross. But remember, this is in the interest of growth. Growth for you, and in consequence, for the people around.

So, if you are looking to move on and move ahead in life, The Chariot card is your perfect partner. Meditate on this card and manifest it in your life. We may need to stand alone, but in the end, there is victory waiting for us.


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